High Seas – Season 3 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Chasing Shadows

The Arrest

Episode 4 of High Seas Season 3 begins with Eva finding Fabio knocked out on the ground. Predictably he didn’t see who hit him and the photos are gone. However, Varela shows up after an anonymous phone call claiming he’s hiding something suspicious.

Opening the case in his wardrobe, he finds Dr Ayala’s tools and blood-stained rags. Varela immediately believes Fabio’s to blame and arrests him.

Eva shows up at the brig and Varela allows her a few minutes to see him. Fabio admits that he hasn’t told Varela anything but that he suspects it’s Ayala. He tells Eva to watch him and reminds her that she’s got the gun if she needs it.

While Carmen stashes the photo of Fabio away in the wardrobe (which Carolina happens to see from bed), Diana arrives before Eva and they talk candidly about the pictures. Only, when she brings up the ghost incident she’s forced to find any excuse to leave.

When she does, she marches back to Carmen and questions her Mother. While she does, Carolina seizes her opportunity and snatches up a syringe, hiding it under the covers. Given the stakes at hand. Diana comes up with new terms.

After spending so long in prison, she wants a new lease of life and that comes in the form of taking Carolina’s life for herself.

Cat and Mouse

Eva is smart and starts following Dr Ayala after he leaves Carmen’s cabin. She follows him all the way down to a cabin belonging to a waiter called Nestor. Eva hides out in Ana’s room and pleads with her not to reveal to anyone what she’s doing. When she leaves, Eva bumps into Ayala.

Varela finally talks to Fabio and admits that he’s aware someone is trying to frame him and knows he’s not the murderer. Given he knows who killed Viktor and why, Varela has leverage over him. If he can agree to his terms, Varela will let him go. Instead, Fabio counter-offers him $10,000 and the answers he seeks.

Fabio’s finally let go and speaks to Eva, who decides to try and set a trap. Only, Carolina is one step ahead of her and springs a trap of her own. She injects the syringe into the Doctor’s neck at just the right moment. Stumbling out of bed, Carolina grabs the developed photo and scrambles away.

Unfortunately Carmen and Diana get to her first and manage to stop the woman revealing the truth to her sister. With Carmen clutching her mouth outside, Fabio and Eve show Carolina the message they’ve received. Katona wants to meet and has agreed to hand over the virus in exchange for $500,000 if they meet at the deck at midnight.

However, this is all an elaborate trap and a ploy to lure Ayala out into the open and catch him in the act.

Meanwhile, Pedro finds the photo on the floor as he heads into his cabin. Thinking nothing of it, he stashes it away for safe-keeping. At the same time, Carmen sedates Carolina again and forces her back into bed.

The Crazed Captain

The Captain continues to deteriorate and hallucinates, seeing a ship heading straight for them. However, as we soon see, his tea has been spiked by Pierre and Hector. It’s enough for Natalia to relieve the Captain of his duties, giving the job to Hector instead.

As we soon find out, Pierre’s hatred for Natalia is so great, that he’s teamed up with Hector to ruin the shipping line and the Fabregas family at the same time.

Meanwhile, Veronica arrives with Carmen’s gown for the upcoming ball. As she hangs it up in the wardrobe, she spies the binds for Carolina in bed but remains quiet until she leaves. She asks Diana about it but she simply shrugs it off, telling the maid that “Diana” is suicidal and could kill herself.

Nicolas and the Captain discuss the latter’s mental health and he admits to being confused and worried. However, when static interference cuts in, Nicolas learns that the ship has changed course. With Pierre by his side, Hector decides to get his men ready for what’s to come.

The Evening Ball

The ball begins and Ayala arrives at the scene. Fabio and Varela both notice and give each other a knowing nod from the balcony. With an hour until midnight, Pedro shows up and introduces himself to Carmen.

Diana and Eva both show up too. Diana immediately tells them that Fabio will be alone for the exchange and that Eva will have no part of this. However, Carolina decides to stay by her side to thwart their plan, which throws a serious spanner in the works.

Instead, she approaches Fernando and asks for a dance. Not taking no for an answer, she steps up and starts dancing. It’s just the opportunity Eva needs and she manages to slip away.

She prepares herself, stashing the gun in her jacket and pretending to be Katona in order to lure Ayala out. Despite Diana’s attempts to thwart her, Eva manages to manhandle the woman she presumes is her sister and leave.

Back in the cabin, Veronica starts to communicate with Carolina, telling her to shut her eyes tightly if she needs help. When she does, she promises to be back soon.

The Meeting

Eva plays the part well and arrives on the dock checking her watch. Staring out at the ship, Diana awakens to find herself tied up and on the ground. Unfortunately not tied up well enough, as she breaks free from her binds and hurries out, slipping back to the party and revealing the truth to Carmen.

Right on cue, Ayala leaves his cabin and prepares to meet Eva. Only, Ayala dupes Fabio as he’s been watching the wrong man.

A gunshot ricochets across the ship as Ayala shoots Eva in the chest. However, as he tries to slip away Varela makes his move and catches Ayala in the act.

With Eva’s life hanging in the balance, all eyes now turn to the next episode.

The Episode Review

What an exciting end! With Eva shot and her life hanging in the balance, the cliffhanger will almost certainly see you scrambling to watch the next episode. 

The big question here though comes from quite who the real Katona actually is. It seems clear that it’s someone close to the case and admittedly until this episode I suspected Fabio.

There’s plenty of questions hanging over this one though and as we move across to the final two episodes, all eyes now turn to see how this situation will resolve itself.

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