High Seas – Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Locked Up

A Miraculous Recovery

Episode 5 of High Seas begins right where we left off. Fabio desperately tries to awaken Eva who lies passed out on the floor with a gunshot wound. Diana spies from a distance as Eva wakes up absolutely fine. It turns out she had a bullet-proof vest on. It’s certainly a good thing Ayala didn’t shoot her in the face!

However, with no photo in sight Fabio grabs a scalpel and deliberates hurting Ayala for answers. Before he does though, Eva decides to speak to her sister and see if she holds any information regarding what’s going on.

At the same time, Fabio tells Valera to search Ayala’s cabin for clues. Back downstairs, Pedro and Carmen talk until Diana arrives and feeds back the bad news.

With Ayala arrested, Diana and Carmen discuss how long they have left until Ayala spills the truth about what’s going on. Out of options, they decide to kill Carolina and have Diana assume her role once and for all.

Back in their cabin, Eva speaks to Diana and asks her where the photo is. When she receives a blank stare, Eva refuses to play this game and confronts her sister. Diana pleads with her not to admit she had any involvement in Ayala and the virus. Eventually she agrees to play along.


With the ship on a different course, the Captain tries to change Hector’s mind but unfortunately all the crew turn on him with guns and force him into his cabin. With Hector in charge, Pierre orders the Captain to stay in his cabin while Pierre checks the radio.

It’s Nicolas and he asks why they’ve changed course. The explanation he receives from Pierre clearly betrays the stats and Nicolas starts to grow suspicious around what’s going on.

Meanwhile, Veronica speaks to Dimas about Diana (who’s actually Carolina) and the situation she finds herself in tied to her bed. Eventually this brings her to Eva’s cabin where she admits that the girl is in serious trouble.

With Carolina about to be killed, this reveal couldn’t have come quickly enough. However, when they arrive they find a suicide note drawn up next to her bed.

Up on deck though, Eva and Fabio burst in and find Carmen and Diana about to throw her sister off the edge. Thankfully they arrive just in time as both Carmen and Diana stand by and watch helplessly. Eva undoes the bandages and sees her sister underneath.

She immediately heads inside and grabs Fernando, showing him what’s happened to his wife. Carolina’s weak from being sedated so much though and passes out in bed. Although she’s incredibly weak, they learn she will survive.

The Truth About Diana

It’s here we learn the truth about Diana. She had 10 years left on her prison sentence but Doctor Ayala approached and offered her a deal. That deal being, presumably, facial reconstruction to make her look like Carolina.

Diana continues on, telling them she didn’t kill anyone but was involved in those two murders. However, she did plan to kill the real Carolina. Carmen’s involvement is a little more black and white.

They kidnapped Diana and threatened to kill her if she didn’t cooperate. Carmen felt like she had no choice but to stick by her daughter regardless of how she feels.

Having heard enough, Carmen and Diana are taken away. Meanwhile, Fernando confronts Eva and berates her for not admitting the truth sooner about the virus onboard.

Down in the brig, Fabio finds himself face to face with Ayala, telling him the plan is now unraveling before their eyes. As he continues on Fabio continues to ask where the picture is.

The Picture

Chantal approaches Natalia and informs her that Santiago has been taken to his cabin and armed guards are watching his door. This brings Natalia to Fernando’s cabin where he joins her up at the captain’s door.

The guard won’t let him in though and instead holds a gun up to them both. The mutiny is finally revealed as Hector seizes control with his crew, who have all turned and point guns at them.

With Pierre working by his side, he arrests Natalia and Fernando, going so far as to order him to bring Eva in too and arresting her “because he said so.”

As Carolina regains consciousness, she tells her sister that Uncle Pedro has the picture. Eva hurries over to Pedro’s cabin where she starts talking about Carmen. “You’re not going to like it,” She warns.

Eventually Pedro brings her the picture which is exactly what she’s looking for. Realizing now who she needs to find, she leaves and evades the guards in the hallways. She immediately grabs Fabio – and just in time too as he was about to hurt Ayala.

Alex Katona

Opening the door, Eva reveals the truth. Alex Katona is short for Alexandra. Alexandra can then be abbreviated to Ana. Ana is Katona. As they continue talking, the case unravels before their eyes.

Ana realized Steve had recognized her from the balcony and she became distracted, knocking the tray out of her hands by bumping into a fellow passenger – Viktor – to hide from Steve.

She used this incident as a way of coercing Eva out onto deck where she used the silencer with the Luger to shoot Steve in cold blood.

She then led them to Viktor’s cabin where she planted the gun she used to kill him inside the room. Steve had figured out what her game was which is why she was killed.

With the mutiny underway on the ship, Eva and Fabio make it into the dining room where they chase Ana and subsequently lose her as she heads down to third class.

With the jig up, Eva heads into her cabin and sees first-hand all the books and documents holding details about the virus. However, it’s not there now.

Carmen and Diana work together and use the muscle relaxant on an unsuspecting guard. They watch as he collapses in a heap on the ground. As Diana leaves, Carmen decides to stay behind to prevent any more damage being done.

Eva and Fabio split up to cover more ground and find Ana. Only, Diana is the one who finds her. Unfortunately, Ana injects her with the virus and walks away.

When Diana returns to her cabin, she starts breathing heavily as the virus takes control. With the damage done, Hector arrives and finds Ana, kissing her at the bar. It appears these two are working together.

Eva notices from afar and evades Hector’s gunshots, hiding round the corner as Nicolas returns to save her from Hector.

The Episode Review

With a nice reveal in the shape of Ana being the one behind this, the real question comes from why. Why is she doing this? What;’s her motivation? And why release a virus to destroy everything? Although the build-up and explanation for the murders is good, the motivation is lacking right now. Hopefully the finale rectifies this.

To make matters worse, the explanation with Diana fails to really explain why Carolina was chosen as the target. I’m guessing it’s because she’s Fernando’s wife which makes it easy to sneak onboard the boat. This is only a guess of course.

Despite that, the mutiny is now underway and with the virus released, this poses some serious problems going forward. Quite how this one will be resolved, remains to be seen!


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