High Seas – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Ghost Ship

Season 2 of High Seas continues with episode 3, which begins with Carolina gathering up her sister, Nicolas and Fernando to check on the dead body. Only, when she returns back to her room there’s nothing there. Casandra enters soon after and tells Carolina it’s a sign. In order to connect to the spirit world, Casandra conducts a seance. As the camera spins around, the Ouija Board appears to have a mind of its own, as it spells out Rosa Marin. Eva remains sceptical though and as this event comes to a close in spectacularly dramatic fashion, Carolina brings Casandra some food to her cabin in the aftermath of this.

While Veronica evades Sebastian in favour of spending time with Dimas, she tells her Mother after Sebastian’s intention to marry her. After this humorous exchange, more information around Casandra’s past is brought to light as we learn about her previous ship, the Victoria.

Dr. Rojas figures out Sofia is pregnant and confronts her about the situation. As they talk, the Captain caves and visits Casandra again, allowing her to read his tarot cards. While he succumbs to the seductive power of the spirits, Natalia offers Fernando the option of her taking the reigns of the company after paying off Varela to get him off her back. However, it turns out Clara may still confess to the crime given the guilt that’s eating away at her. To try and make her come around, Natalia suggests a contact in Brazil to help her singing career but unfortunately it doesn’t work, prompting Pierre and Natalia to try and come up with a different plan.

Meanwhile Veronica caves and agrees to marry Sebastian while Eva finds out more about Rosa Marin. This inevitably brings her to Detective Varela who, as fate would have it, happened to be in charge of her case when he used to be a policeman.

As the episode closes out, Carolina and Cassandra grow closer together, with the latter telling her they need to close the spirit door after letting Rosa in. Conducting another seance again, Eva sees a strange ghostly figure in the hallway which brings her before Casandra, whom she asks for help. Has she come around to this idea of ghosts haunting the ship or is she just faking it?

High Seas continues to deliver the goods here with another dramatic episode. There’s some nice camera work in the show this time around too and I’m glad the melodramatic romance is still intact, giving the show a real guilty pleasure feel to proceedings. Eva and Carolina continue to be the focal points of this season of course but Casandra’s mysterious powers makes her a real scene-stealer. It’s hard to read her character too, which is great, and this poses a particularly interesting conundrum going forward as the show flirts with the idea of spirits being on-board the ship.

For now though, High Seas leaves things wide open and quite what direction the show will go next, remains to be seen.


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