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Ghost Busters

A bloody, ghostly figure walks the deck to begin episode 4 of High Seas, as Fernando composes himself in his cabin before seeing the word “murderer” spelled out on the mirror infront of him. As Carolina heads in and sees it, she gasps and hurries away. Unfortunately the Captain refuses to listen to reason either, especially after his experience with the tarot cards.

Casandra meanwhile peddles the idea that Fernando could be the one behind the murders. This plants seeds of doubt into Eva’s mind too, who speaks to Nicolas over the possibility that what she’s saying holds weight and the figure on the deck was indeed a ghost. Carolina starts to distrust Fernando too and searches through his things for answers. Getting nowhere, when he returns to his cabin she asks him outright about Rosa, before he receives a call that rattles him. This ultimately acts as the catalyst that unsettles a number of other passengers too, until Cassandra approaches and calms them all down before a big fight breaks out.

Eva and Nicolas then set out to try and figure out the truth, sending them down to the cargo hold to question her Father. Deciding against entertaining him with questions, on the way back out he mentions Rosa. However, she ignores this and instead speaks to Carolina again who learns that Fernando has been hiding something from her.

Cassandra continues to weave her web of supernatural control, as she convinces the Captain to increase security around the ship. At the same time, Natalia and Pierre share a kiss, just as Clara enters the room and sees. She inevitably runs off without asking what’s going on, slapping Pierre in the face when he tries to rush after her. It’s classic cliche material but one that does hold a lot of implications for our characters going forward.

Eva heads back down to the cargo hold to get answers from her Father, learning more about the history of the ship in the process. Meanwhile, Dimas searches through Sebastian’s cabin and finds out he hasn’t paid for anything. Given they’ve been taking him at his word, he could easily leave the ship without paying. A drunk Dimas confronts him some time later too, learning that Sebastian has betrayed him and stolen Dimas’ idea to pass off as his own. Unfortunately it’s enough for Veronica to throw down the ring in disgust and decide against marrying Sebastian.

Back in her cabin, Casandra checks in on Carolina but ends up kissing her instead, just as Fernando arrives. Clearly flustered, she passes it off as dizziness and contemplates what to do next, savoring the kiss she just experienced in the bathroom alone. Eva arrives in his office soon after, searching through the naval books where she learns more about the history of the ship, and in particular the brooch she took from Casandra in the previous episode. Confronting Eva over this coincidence, she hands back the brooch and hides her suspicions. Unfortunately, Casandra starts to become aware that she’s treading dangerously close to the truth.

As the episode closes out, Casandra turns around in her cabin, just as someone attacks her from behind.

With plenty of unanswered questions here, High Seas marks the halfway point of the show with an interesting red herring in Casandra being attacked. Who’s behind this? And is there really a supernatural presence on the ship? This Spanish mystery has been good so far in keeping these questions as the driving force of the show but quite what direction this one will go next is left up for debate. However, the mystery is compelling enough to keep you watching and the episodes are just about long enough to tease the prospect of binging through this one.


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