High Seas – Season 1 Episode 1 “The Albatross” Recap & Review


The Game Is Afoot

High Seas begins its first episode right at the heart of the drama. Eva and Carolina prepare to board a lavish cruise-liner to Brazil from Argentina, excited to start another chapter in their lives. On the way, they accidentally hit a young girl named Luisa who tells them people are chasing her and trying to kill her. With time against them, the two girls decide to smuggle Luisa on board via a large trunk while the Captain shows them to their rooms.

Once alone, they let the girl out and demand answers. She tells them the people after her was actually just her partner who had a vendetta against her after she refused to marry him. Determined to turn her in to the authorities, and her fiance, Carolina hurries to tell Fernando the news. Once there though, a worrying call changes everything. The voice on the phone promises something will happen at Lifeboat 6 at Midnight, leading to the phone call cutting out abruptly and Carolina changing her mind. Instead, they decide to keep her in a separate cabin with their Mum, whose also on board with them.

After a bird smashes into the bridge window, leaving a crack and a fresh bloodstain, the ship departs and the open sea awaits them. As our girls get acquainted to the various faces on board the ship, including sleazy Sebastián and gorgeous singer Clara, Luisa inexplicably knocks out Eva’s Mum with a blunt object, stealing her watch and hurrying out the room. 

As the girls meet their Uncle Pedro at dinner, blissfully unaware of what’s happened, they toast to Carolina’s late Father before a Jazz Band play them out. Politely declining a glass of champagne and a dance with Sebastián, Eva heads back to check on her Mum. Before she does though, she gets talking to Nicolas, the First Officer on board the ship. As the two begin hitting it off together, a body suddenly falls into the water from above as a female scream fills the air.

As the ship’s officials hurry to stop the vessel and save the lost soul, Eva rushes to find her Sister and Mum. As she reaches the cabin, she breathes a sigh of relief as she sees they’re both okay, although Luisa is nowhere to be seen. Convinced Luisa was pushed, the girls set to work in proving their theory correct, investigating the area where she presumably fell, finding an emblem belonging to a familiar face.

Setting the scene for the mystery to follow, the first episode does a great job inviting us into this world. High Seas revels in its setting and colourful cast of characters and for that alone, the first episode is a strong way to get this mystery going. Who fell in the water? Was it Luisa? If so, was she pushed? Many questions remain unanswered here but thankfully we don’t have to wait long to get the answers we need!


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  1. The ship leaves from Spain. Their accents are Spanish and there’s a huge map on the wall of the shop when they board that shows their route. Not Argentina.

  2. I binge watched High Seas, loved it, the ending left a lot of unanswered questions.. I sure hope they have a season two. They can do a lot with all the mini plots they created.❤️😀😀😀❤️

  3. Yo, I literally found this random website just to find the name of that song too. Thought you were me in a different time loop for a second

  4. Does anybody know the title of the first song that they dance to? It is so familiar, but it is in Spanish so I cannot find it.

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