Hide – K-drama Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Episode 12 of Hide begins with Sung-jae attacking Yeon-joo. He is about to choke her when Jin-woo pushes him off. Turns out, Jin-woo and Moon-young boarded the Geumshin boat right before it embarked. Yeon-joo runs off and Moon-young chases her while Jin-woo and Sung-jae have a face-off. 

Yeon-joo stops near the railing and wonders if Moon-young received her gift. At that moment, Shin-hwa calls and tells Moon-young that her father tried to hang himself and he is in the hospital. Yeon-joo is annoyed that he keeps escaping death but Sung-jae arrives with Jin-woo close on his tail.

How does Moon-young take down Yeon-joo?

Sung-jae threatens to kill Moon-young as well if she tries to stop him but she refuses to move. She wants Yeon-joo to pay and she needs to be alive for that. Seeing her chance, Yeon-joo grabs Moon-young and jumps off. Jin-woo jumps after them and Sung-jae looks in shock before laughing manically.

Underwater, Yeon-joo refuses to let go of Moon-young before she loses consciousness. Moon-young rescues her anyway and reaches onshore with Jin-woo’s help. Baek finds them and takes them all to the hospital. Moon-young is told that her father is alive but in a coma. She visits him and sees that he has her photo in his wallet. She used to resent him but she is as much to blame as he is and wishes they could fix things together.

As for Yeon-joo, she wakes up to a nurse (paid by Woo-shik) trying to kill her. Moon-young saves her only for Yeon-joo to hold herself hostage. Moon-young is undeterred as she drives her to Jae-pil’s grave. Turns out, she had the headstone replaced with his real name. She had also looked into Yeon-joo who had wanted to be a prosecutor when she was young.

Moon-young apologises for stealing her life but Yeon-joo doesn’t want her pity as she tries to kill herself. Moon-young shares that her father would have wanted her to move on and smile again. Yeon-joo breaks down just as the cops show up and arrest her. She is isolated in prison and refuses to eat but she does after getting Moon-young’s letter who constantly checks in on her. 

Is Sung-jae able to escape with the 80 billion won?

From the boat, Sung-jae quickly makes his way to Switzerland. Everything is in order and the bank is about to hand him all of the money. In South Korea, thanks to the DNA evidence Cha Woong gave Moon-young, Hwang Tae-soo is declared dead and Sung-jae is wanted for murder. Interpol is reported but when the bank asks Sung-jae for identification, he runs off. He doesn’t make it far as Woo-shik’s thugs find him.

Meanwhile, Myung-hee is told she is being investigated for Tae-soo’s murder. Sung-jae calls her to warn her and to tell Bom he loves her but the thugs catch up. They beat him up but Swiss cops show up just in time. However, he is paralysed and in a hospital in Switzerland. No one is able to identify him and the hospital cannot discharge him. He looks at a girl who is of Bom’s age and tears up. 

What happens to the Chas?

Next Moon-young shows up at Bom’s hotel and catches Myung-hee just as she steps out. Myung-hee goes through a rollercoaster of emotions as she begs her to save Sung-jae and then berates her. Bom opens the door and she has a tearful reunion with Moon-young. The three arrive in South Korea and Myung-hee is arrested. She pleads guilty to all charges to free her son but Baek doesn’t care as he is retiring in a week. Meanwhile, Cha Woong’s party drops him and picks a new candidate.

What happens to the Geumshin Group?

Shin-hwa retires as a prosecutor. But before she does, she submits the evidence Yeon-joo had against Woo-shik. He is arrested for embezzlement and for the murder of his father. Meanwhile, the Haeon arsonist that Moon-young had acquitted is arrested again as she had collected all the evidence against him. The women also learn that the Haean redevelopment will restart and Moon-young is happy on Baek’s behalf. 

Why is Moon-young put in prison?

Na Seok-jin finally wakes up. Bom makes him a card and he tears up as she accepts him as her grandfather. He is found not guilty for Chairman Choi’s murder but he still feels guilty about what happened to Jae-pil. He tries to distance himself from Moon-young but she tells him that all wounds will heal in time. He visits Jae-pil’s grave while Moon-young is put on trial. She is put in prison for a year for falsely identifying Jae-pil’s corpse. 

How does the K-drama end for Moon-young’s group?

Jin-woo updates Moon-young that he is getting in touch with his kid’s adoptive parents and would like to be there for her. Meanwhile, Bom’s therapist shares that she is doing well. As for Shin-hwa, she opens her own law firm and Baek and Jin-woo are her investigators. They have teething problems as she starts interrogating a drug dealer client while Jin-woo suggests breaking into his office.

Moon-young and Bom move into a new neighbourhood. Bom instantly makes a new friend and has a great time. Moon-young tears up before walking on confidently at the end of Hide Episode 12.

The Episode Review

Hide Episode 12 brings the revenge K-drama to an end. We were on a rollercoaster ride from the beginning, and things finally reach a conclusion but not before some trademark tension like Sung-jae’s murderous attempt to Yeon-joo’s hostage situation.

All of the bad guys get their due with Woo-shik and Yeon-joo in prison. Sung-jae’s ending is deserving as prison would have been too good for him. He wanted to disappear and that is exactly what has happened to him. The final nail in the coffin is the fact that he cannot be with his daughter whom he still loves.

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