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The Stowaway

Episode 11 of Hide begins with Mr. Na revealing that Yoon gave him the medicine that lead to Chairman Choi’s death. Jin-woo goes to the hospital and confirms this. With the evidence, Moon-young strikes a deal with Yoon. She shares that Yeon-joo doesn’t care about him but if he sides with Moon-young, he can keep the money Yeon-joo stole in the past. Next, she tells Woo-shik that she will get him all the blackmail material that Yeon-joo has on him. He just needs to cut ties with her.

The next plan of action is to arrest Yeon-joo. Jin-woo finds out from his prison contacts that she paid off inmate Jang Gun-chul to kill Ma Gang. Shin-hwa and Baek get him to confess by claiming they only want Yeon-joo.

Jin-woo confronts Yeon-joo about CEO Ma’s death and she throws Yoon under the bus by accusing him of killing Ma. Disappointed, he switches sides. Meanwhile, a travel ban is put on Sung-jae for assaulting and kidnapping Hwang Tae-soo. He also overhears that Yoon has been testifying against Yeon-joo.

As for Moon-young, she has Yoon confirm that Yeon-joo has a safe in her country estate and tells Woo-shik this. However, she wants him to stay away from Yeon-joo as she will take her down legally.

At the law firm, Manager Go feels betrayed as she sees Cha Woong shredding evidence of the foundation’s corrupt deeds for Geumshin. She also notices that he has Hwang Tae-soo’s DNA from an old case. Turns out, she had made digital copies of the evidence for Sung-jae who wanted blackmail material on his father.

She shares them with Moon-young who uses it as leverage to get the DNA from Cha Woong. Shocked that his son betrayed him, Cha Woong tells Yeon-joo to smuggle out Sung-jae so that he cannot ruin his reputation further.

Yeon-joo meets with a drunk Sung-jae and they play the blame game. She tells him about the DNA and he is in shock. Meanwhile, he lets it slip that Yoon testified and she rushes to her estate to find that her safe is empty thanks to Woo-shik.

A flashback reveals that the safe contained proof that Woo-shik embezzled money from Geumshin and the recording of him planning his father’s death. It is on timer which would release all data if Yeon-joo doesn’t check in every day. Moon-young and Jin-woo follow her and copy all the data before alerting Woo-shik.

Woo-shik threatens Yeon-joo while it is revealed that she is being investigated for Ma Gang’s death. But Moon-young wants Yeon-joo alive so she can use her also to take down Geumshin.

Meanwhile, Sung-jae confronts his father and calls him out for choosing his reputation over his son. Woong shares that he has figured a way out with the help of Yeon-joo. However, Sung-jae notices that the stowaway port is in another city which means Yeon-joo was counting on him getting caught thanks to the travel ban.

Backed into the corner, Yeon-joo meets with Na Seok-jin and blames him for all the misfortune that has fallen on Moon-young. He begs for forgiveness and she says he should die. She then goes to her estate to see Yoon grabbing the money in her safe and tearing her passport. She stabs him in the neck and says he should have just left with the money. Sung-jae finds her and says they have to leave as the 80 billion account will be frozen if they are caught. He has organised a new stowaway boat and they head there.

Moon-young and Jin-woo worry that Sung-jae might kill Yeon-joo and trace his phone but they miss the couple and only find Yoon’s body. They call Baek and head to the port where Yeon-joo finally notices that the boat she is on is owned by Geumshin.

A flashback shows Sung-jae and Woo-shik planning on killing her. They have serious trust issues but only Sung-jae can withdraw the money and Woo-shik tells him to settle for 10 billion won as he will organise the boat and plane ticket. At the end of Hide Episode 11, Sung-jae attacks her as Moon-young and Jin-woo reach the boat.

The Episode Review

Well, Hide Episode 11 keeps that same tension and speed that we get right from week 2 of the K-drama’s airing. A lot of things are happening and everyone’s double-crossing each other. The calm and collected Yeon-joo is no more as she is frantic and continues to make mistakes. We do wonder why she went with Sung-jae, especially, since he works out that she tried to trap him with the stowaway port.

The revenge is all really revenging, but Jin-woo feels very much like a freeloader. After the Tae-soo drama, he has barely contributed to the plot. Whatever he has done so far, can easily be done by any of the other characters. There is no love interest angle either, and while it may be innovative, it doesn’t bode well for him because he is unnecessary to the plot at the moment.

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