Hello, Me! – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Squid Dance Part 2

Episode 5 of Hello Me begins with Ha-Ni beginning her job at Joa Confectionary. She’s bright and hopeful for the future, complete with her own ID card for the day ahead.

Outside though, Yu-Hyeon continues to work and leaves a diary for himself over what he’s been eating. While Seung-Seok heads off to pick up iced drinks for the pair, he bumps into Ha-Ni on the way and spills his drink straight down her jacket. This explains why she’s wet when she shows up in the office.

Ha-Ni eventually introduces herself to the others where she’s reunited with Oh Ji-Eun again. As we see from the past, Ji-Eun used to idolize Ha-Ni at school and really look up to her. Unfortunately she was always pushed to the side. Realizing it’s the same Ha-Ni that she knew from before, Ji-Eun tries to compose herself as Joa Exercise begins.

After, Ha-Ni heads out to bring the team food while Yu-Hyeon continues to work in the kitchen. After slicing and dicing, he heads out for some air but accidentally knocks a bag of beans all over the floor. This causes Ha-Ni to drop all the food for the group everywhere while she herself lands on the floor in a heap. Thankfully, Ye-Hyeon makes a fresh replacement for her. After saving the day, Ha-Ni breathes a sigh of relief.

After, Ji-Eun introduces herself to Ha-Ni, who lavishes praise on her. In exchange, Ji-Eun looks disappointed by what’s happened to the superstar from school.

Meanwhile, Scarlett despairs over the fact that it’s not going to rain for a long time. She takes the money Ha-Ni has left for her and heads off to buy some food. She becomes confused by the touch screen panels though and seeks council from a fellow student behind her over how to use it.

When she sees an ad online for a modeling agency, she envisions a lavish lifestyle in the future, complete with Mr Bodyguard taking a bullet for her.

After bagging herself a position as an extra at the modeling firm, Scarlett heads home and begins packing her things ready to leave. Only, in the wake of stealing Seong-U’s suitcase to do so, Seong-U himself shows and calls the police. Ha-Young shows up at the police station along with Ha-Ni, where the latter is taken outside to talk about Scarlett. Ha-Young tells her sister to  stay out of her life and leaves a pretty scathing assessment of her life as she stomps away.

Scarlett and Ha-Ni head home together where Scarlett plays the tape from her past. This brings up memories of her Father, which Ha-Ni struggles to deal with in the wake of what Ha-Young told her. As we jump back and see, Ha-Ni’s Father pushed Ha-Ni out the way of the truck of doom , which in turn ended up hitting and killing him.

Meanwhile, Anthony arrives at the fortune teller and learns that his best days are behind him. The only solution is a rite… and also to pay up 100 million won. He seems to know a lot about Anthony’s life and it rattles the celebrity to do just this.

In the morning, Ha-Ni runs into the Chairman in the convenience store where she’s looking at different snacks. Yu-Hyeon shows up next, buying up snacks of his own while cheekily telling his Father not to talk to him at work.

Ha-Ni makes a big impression at the office, getting involving in the Joa dance again. This time though she’s been practicing and nails all the moves. The others are pretty impressed in truth, especially by her enthusiasm and energy. Ji-Eun looks disdainfully at her.

At lunch, Yu-Hyeon is standoffish with all the other girls apart from Ha-Ni, whom he gives extra portions. Fans of the Reply series will notice a bit of a nod to the classic here, as that infamous goat noise shows up when he hands over some lettuce!

At the ad for Joa Confectionary, Anthony shows up in a car just as Scarlett arrives, determined to make a big impression of her own. Well, that seems him don a squid outfit and perform the squid dance while Scarlett dons black face (stay with us) and dresses like seaweed.

As the episode closes out, Scarlett runs into Ha-Ni, still in her costume, while running an errand. Ha-Ni charges after her down the corridor.

The Episode Review

Hello Me bows out with another bonkers episode, one that doubles down on the humour as all our characters converge together under the Joa Confectionary roof. In fact, this really helps the show settle into a consistent rhythm as the comedy takes center stage.

The Mr Bodyguard dream sequence is easily the best segment of the whole show so far. It’s so outrageous and hilariously over the top – definitely something younger Ha-Ni would think up. So far though the story has done well to keep things engaging with Yu-Hyeon sort of lurking in the peripheral view for now. I’m sure he’ll have a bigger role to play going forward though.

For now, Hello Me bows out with a really funny episode, one that leaves the door wide open for tomorrow’s follow-up.

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