Hello, Me! – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

“She’s…My Daughter?”

Episode 4 of Hello Me begins with Ha-Ni and Scarlett returning home where Ha-Young happens to be waiting for them. She tells Ha-Ni to take Scarlett back home, believing that she’s actually Ha-Ni’s daughter! Unfortunately in the ensuing catfight Scarlett rips out Ha-Young’s hair by accident. Wide eyed and shocked, she tells them both to leave.

In the morning, Scarlett heads back to see Ha-Young and pleads with her for help. Eventually she agrees to meet them and hands over an envelope holding a cheque for 10 million won.

Meanwhile, Ok-Jung heads home and notices Hong-Nyeon scrambling through the drawers trying to find something. She despairs as she realizes her Mother’s dementia is flaring up. She takes her to the hospital with Ha-Young but the test results come back and confirm that her condition hasn’t worsened,. Still, it does raise some alarm bells for the pair. Before they head back home, Ha-Young breaks the news that Ha-Ni has moved out.

Elsewhere, Anthony and Yu-Hyeon come to blows in a clothes store as they both pick up a limited edition coat. After a tense stand-off, Yu-Hyeon heads back to the canteen and continues to cook. He encourages his fellow chefs to use the executive lounge, cheekily changing the sign on the door to read ‘Cafeteria Employees’.

After, he phones Ha-Ni and asks her out for dinner. Just before he leaves work, Yu-Hyeon cuts up all the vegetables, shocking both chefs when they return from the executive lounge.

Anthony heads all the way up to the mountains to try and bribe a screenwriter. It seems to work too, especially when he does his best pouty-faced impression. She implores Anthony not to get involved in any sort of scandal for the time being. Hilariously, it also turns out his trip up the mountain could have been easier had he just driven rather than climbed up the steep hills.

Yu-Hyeon heads off to meet his Aunt while settling in and preparing to stay at student housing for the next 100 days. Ha-Ni and Scarlett watch him from afar and comment how they believe he’s a gigolo.

After, they head out for food but inevitably run into Yu-Hyeon at the shop. He greets them both warmly and realizes that they’re neighbours now. Scarlett tells Yu-Hyeon to stop hitting on her Mum and encourages him to leave. Inside the shop, both Ha-Ni and Scarlett learn that the rooftop house they’ve moved into may well be haunted.

With garlic at hand, the girls prepare to ward off any ghosts and sing themselves to sleep that evening. In the morning, they head back to Joa Confectionary and continue to dance outside the store. They’re completely in-sync this time too, and the Chairman even comes out to watch them.

As we cut back in time, we see more of Chairman Han’s past, including how he ate Joa snacks while mourning the loss of his wife. This mirrors Ha-Ni’s story and eventually prompts the Chairman to reinstate her. This time though, he wants Ha-Ni working inside the Headquarters. On the back of this news, the duo head out to celebrate.

Scarlett helps Ha-Ni pick out some new clothes but she notices a scar up Ha-Ni’s leg while she’s getting changed. She thinks twice about telling her what really happened though, instead distracted by a call from her Mum. It turns out she’s going to stop by and make sure she’s okay.

This inevitably causes issues for Scarlett who notices her Mum and Grandmother showing up. As both are obviously a lot older than she remembered, she heads back inside and starts crying.

Rumours begin spreading around the office following Chairman Han’s sudden decision regarding Ha-Ni. Well, for now Ha-Ni shows up at work where she does her best not to act too nervously. As she introduces herself, Ji-Eun recognizes her old friend and looks really surprised.

The Episode Review

Hello Me returns with another humorous episode, with the moments involving Anthony scaling up the cliff as the real highlight here. The sudden reveal that he could have just driven up was really well timed and will undoubtedly garner a lot of chuckles from the audience.

Meanwhile, Ha-Ni and Scarlett continue to wait for rainfall while adjusting to their newfound circumstances. While they have a fair few humorous moments of their own, there’s not a whole lot of plot development during this episode. Having said that though, Ha-Ni getting her job back at the end is a nice touch and promises to give this K-drama just the kick it needs.

The real star this episode though is Yu-Heon, who gets some of the best moments this episode. From staying in student accommodation through to cozying up with the other chefs he’s working with, there’s some good development for his character.

The ending definitely leaves the door open for where this one may go next week as this bubbly comedic Korean drama bows out this week’s double bill with another enjoyable episode.

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