Heartbreak High Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Three of Swords

Episode 8 of Heartbreak High starts with Harper and Amerie finally having a calm talk. Amerie says she wants to understand what Harper has been through and asks if she is ready to open up. The scene immediately cuts to Harper’s flashback of the day they went to the festival.

Before going to the festival, they met Ca$h and bought drugs from him. Harper asks Amerie if she can spend the night at her place. She doesn’t want to go back to her house as she feels it is haunted. Amerie immediately agrees and says that she is offended that Harper had to ask.

They go to the festival and they meet Spider there, he offers them drinks but only Amerie takes him on the offer. Harper knows that Spider likes Amerie and when Amerie goes off to see a fortune teller, Harper tells him Amerie is too good for him. The fortune teller gives a happy reading to Amerie but Harper’s reading is dark. Harper got the Three of Swords card and the fortune teller reckons she will soon suffer grief, loss, and heartbreak.

While at the festival, her dad keeps texting her and this dulls her mood. She decides not to take the drugs she bought earlier from Ca$h and throws them away. Amerie doesn’t understand what is wrong with her and why she is suddenly in a bad mood. She asks her if everything is okay but she’s unresponsive. Amerie leaves to get a beer and that is when she ends up getting separated from Harper. She tries to call her but Harper’s phone dies before they can talk. With Amerie gone, Harper changes her mind and gets high anyway.

She wakes up in Chook’s car surrounded by his gang members, including Ca$h. It is painfully obvious to her that they are not planning to drop her home. Ca$h is also aware of this and is fidgeting as he doesn’t know how to help her.

Chook stops by a convenience store and Ca$h uses that chance to help her escape. He nods for her to make a run for it. Harper runs as fast as she can into the woods. Chook and his goons follow in hot pursuit but she manages to hide and they lose her.

She later gets out of the woods and walks to Amerie’s house but she’s with Spider, afraid that Harper would think less of her if she found out. Harper heads home where she found her dad in another manic state. He starts chasing her around, screaming she is a wolf trying to steal his milk. Harper runs and locks herself in her room until the next morning.

In the morning, paramedics arrive to take her dad to a hospital after the neighbors call. Harper shaves her head and is put in emergency foster care.

We go back to the present here and Amerie apologizes to Harper for not being there when she needed her the most. Harper also apologizes to Amerie and assures her that she was not trying to deliberately hurt her; she was just in pain and wasn’t herself. They reconcile and patch things up as they share a few light jokes about Spider.

Amerie’s mom calls them and informs Harper her dad is awake and that if she wants to see him, she can escort her – but Harper is not ready yet. She is currently staying with Amerie. Amerie confides in her mom that she feels guilty for letting Harper down. Amerie’s mom assures her that they will figure something out but won’t let Harper go back to live with her dad.

Amerie persuades Harper to report Chook and his gang but the police say without much evidence to go on, they can’t charge the boys. Harper has no evidence. Amerie confronts Ca$h and calls him out on his choice of friends and asks him to stay away from Darren.

Ca$h has been dealing with the guilt of that night and he thinks he is not good enough for Darren. He chooses to come clean but to do that he will need to get evidence for Harper. He takes one of his friend’s phones and sends the video he took of that fateful night to Harper. She now has evidence to back up her story.

On a lighter and happier note, Miss Obah is back and the SLTs are considered a success so it will run throughout the whole term. Dusty apologizes to Amerie and Harper, but Amerie says that it doesn’t fix things. In no surprising turn of events, Spider refuses to apologize for his actions.

Darren talks with their dad and confesses that  they are in love with Ca$h. Their dad tells them that they should fight for their love. Darren follows his advice and goes to see Ca$h. They confess their feelings and promise to be there for him. Ca$h is still battling his inner demons and he feels guilty for his choices so he turns them down and pushes them away.

How does Heartbreak High end?

After sending the video to Harper, she uses it to report Chook and his goons. The police arrive to arrest Ca$h but he spots them and makes a run for it. He heads to the school and finds the SLT class going on. He confesses his love for Darren and they share a hot kiss before the police take him into custody.

Chook is set free on a technicality as he was not captured in the video but Amerie and Harper spot his car while getting ice cream and they set his car on fire.

The Episode Review

This was a satisfying finale. The episode managed to answer the questions we had throughout the show. Harper has been through a lot and is just starting her healing journey. It is comforting to know that she has a support system to help her.

Malakai got help from Jai and he seems to be in a better mental space. Given the way he was looking at Amerie, I think he still has feelings for her. The future is uncertain when it comes to Darren and Ca$h but at least Ca$h opened up his heart. I hope he can take the time away to reflect and better himself.

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