Heartbreak High – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Sheriff” Recap & Review

The Sheriff

Episode 7 of Heartbreak High picks up where we left off. Amerie is being questioned by two female officers about the nature of her relationship with Teacher Jojo (In this episode review, I will be using her last name Miss Obah to refer to her. It is how they addressed her in this episode). Amerie denies any sexual relationship with her teacher and thinks someone is playing with her.

Someone made an anonymous call to DOCS and the principal had no choice but to let the officials investigate. Miss Obah is forced to take a few days off as the investigation is going on. Amerie is picked up by her mom and she goes home too. SLTs is canceled in the meantime and the fate of the class hangs precariously in the air.

Meanwhile, Quin has gone nonverbal since her fight with Sasha and Darren asks Sasha to give her some space. Darren is a great friend, they are always there for Quinn. Darren and Ca$h are also not talking to one another.

After the investigation, Amerie comes back and confronts Harper as she believes she is the one messing with her. Initially, Harper denies it but Amerie doesn’t believe her so in resigned frustration she admits to being the one who wrote on the new incest map and made a call to DOCS. As a result, Harper is expelled and Dusty offers a listening ear and a shoulder to Amerie.

Miss Obah is pissed that the principal didn’t stand up for her even though she knew there was no truth to the accusation. She hands in her resignation and the principal takes on the SLts class. She is the new sheriff and she is looking to change things up as she felt Miss Obah’s approach to the class was lacking. She starts by showing the kids infected genitalia and reminds them that STIs affect anyone regardless of their gender.

The students are not happy to hear about Miss Obah’s resignation and Darren, Amerie and Quinn try to make her change her mind but they are unsuccessful. She tells them that these are the consequences of their action and she doesn’t even think she wants to be a teacher anymore. Amerie decides to take a chance and talk to the principal about Miss Obah’s resignation but she dismisses her.

This leads Amerie to come up with a new plan and she gets inspiration from Sasha’s protest at the school. Amerie mobilizes the SLTs students and commandeers the administration block. They refuse to leave until Miss Obah is reinstated but that takes longer than they planned because the principal is not ready to barge. They end up spending the night in the administration block.

This gives them some time to handle some issues they have with each other. Sasha apologizes to Quinn but she remains nonverbal. Darren has a heart-to-heart talk with Ca$h who confesses he does not enjoy sex and asks Darren to be friends. Darren has no choice but to begrudgingly accept it even though they want more. Dusty tries to cozy up to Amerie and get close to her.

As Amerie checks on everyone during the night, she runs into Spider and she has flashbacks of the day of the festival. Spider was there and he offered to help her when she fought and lost contact with Harper. They ended up going home together and they were about to sleep together but Spider had a “performance problem” and they didn’t go any further. Later in the night before Spider left, Harper came to Amerie’s house. She sounded like she was crying and asked Amerie to let her in but she didn’t. We finally understand why Spider has been so mean to Amerie and Malakai, he is resentful and jealous.

The night wears on and by the next morning, the kids are tired and need supplies. Ant Desperately needs to use the bathroom and they need water. Ant and Amerie sneak out through the window and are spotted by the caretaker who chases them. They end up hiding in the caretaker’s office and in his moment of distress, Ant confesses that Dusty was the one who came up with the idea of framing Miss Obah as a sex offender. He and Spider helped him as they wanted SLTs to be canceled. Amerie heads out to confront Dusty and Miss Obah finally arrives and the protest ends successfully.

Following her expulsion, Harper is forced to stay at home with her drug-addict dad who gets manic when high. He gets violent and forgets who Harper is, he thinks she is the wolf who wants to take his possession. He has another manic fit after coming home in the morning high and violent, scaring Harper.

After her confrontation with Dusty, Amerie realizes Harper was trying to protect her when she stopped her from sleeping with Dusty. She rushes over to Harper’s home but she finds an ambulance parked outside and Harper comes out of the house with blood all over her. She sees Amerie and says, “It happened again.’’

The Episode Review

This episode gave us answers and new questions as well. We at least know what went down between Spider and Amerie. I think Harper is hurt because Amerie was not there for her that night. It sounded like she was going through something. Amerie ought to have checked on her. It explains why Harper was so angry, she felt let down.

Dusty is the worst kind of person who goes out of his way to be intentionally hurtful and then fails to take responsibility for their actions. He uses his two lackeys, Spider and Ant, as mouthpieces and objects to execute his twisted plans. I hope he gets repercussions for his actions this time.

As we head to the last episode we get to see what happened at the festival. Given the ending, did Harper hurt her dad in self-defense?

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