Heartbreak High – Season 1 Episode 5 “Bin Chicken” Recap & Review

Bin Chicken

It is the morning after the Mardi Gras Slay Ball and it is time to deal with the consequences of the bad decisions made in a drunken stupor the night before. Malakai and Dusty want to avoid the whole threesome situation but Harper has no issue talking about it. Malakai obviously doesn’t want Amerie to ever find out. Dusty is dealing with it by avoiding Harper and it is getting frustratingly awkward between them.

Amerie checks on Malakai and asks him why he has not been answering his phone throughout the weekend. She was worried after what happened to him and he invites her on a date. Amerie hopes they can have a meaningful conversation during the date.

There are two major events happening  in Hartley High this week, the first one being the Inter School Basketball semifinals and a litter-picking initiative. The Principal promises to give a $50 PlayStation gift voucher to the student who picks up the most bags of trash. Quinn is determined to win the voucher and Sasha offers to help her but in the end, another student wins

In the SLTs , the students are discussing porn and how it gives unrealistic ideas about sex. Spider as always is being a douchebag but the rest of the students delve into the topic. Sasha opens up that she learned through porn that she is attracted to girls. They agree that porn helps them know  what they want and what they like/desire. Teacher Jojo asks them to anonymously write the things they desire in their lives and put them in a box in the classroom. They will discuss them in their next class and normalize expressing their wants and desires in a healthy manner.

Darren doesn’t need to write a note on what they desire because they want Ca$h but are not on the same page with them. Darren is forced to take matters into their hands but Ca$h takes the lead and invites them for a date first. The date doesn’t get as hot and heavy as Darren had pictured in their mind. They recruit the help of Sasha and Quinn to take the hottest nudes and send them to Ca$h.

Ca$h is new to sending or receiving nudes and he makes an adorable attempt to send one back. They end up spending a night together but they don’t have sex. Darren thinks Ca$h is not attracted to him sexually as he keeps turning down their advances. They end up fighting again with Ca$h and storming out.

On their date, Malakai and Amerie have a good time but Malakai is not ready to talk about the racial profiling he suffered. Amerie notices he is a good dancer and asks him why he is not pursuing it. Malakai says he already has basketball even though he doesn’t like it, he is good at it. The conversation turns to the question he asked at the party. He never got an answer as to whether Amerie will be his girlfriend or not. They had a break-up without even being officially in a relationship! After their talk, they officially start  dating. It would be a celebratory moment if we didn’t know that Malakai messed it all up when he had a threesome with Harper and Dusty. Sigh!

Yes, the threesome is still looming over their heads like a dark cloud. Malakai is starting to question his sexuality and having some steamy homoerotic fantasies in the locker room. Dusty is snubbing Harper and standing her up on dates.

In their next class, the students read out some of the wants they wrote and someone had the grand idea to write about the threesome. Obviously, Amerie is angry but she handles it with as much grace as she possibly can. Give her a break! At this point, it is like she has given up on Harper and she tells her, “ I am only just realizing I have no idea who you are.”

Dusty on the other hand is ready to call it quits with Harper. He tells her he is hurt because she wanted Malakai too much. The threesome dulled his interest in her and he needs space. Harper goes to vent to her friends Sasha and Missy but they have no pity for her. They call her out on the fact she hurt Amerie and Harper tries to make excuses but they are not here for it.

Amerie and Malakai talk and they decide to break up after only dating for 12 hours. Amerie is more hurt by the fact that it was Harper he slept with. She says she just can’t get past that. Even though she is hurt, she knows that Malakai is still struggling from his assault and he is not okay. She offers to be there for him as a friend.

The Inter School Basketball semi-finals day soon arrives and Malakai ends up quitting the team after a fight with Spider. However, that was not the most dramatic thing that happened at the game. Harper “took a minute” to dump Dusty publicly in the most embarrassing way possible. I wonder how the principal will deal with this situation.

The Episode Review

This episode served us a lot of drama. It was maddening to see how Dusty reacted after the consensual threesome but Harper took her power back in her rant at the game. Was what she did at the game right? I believe there was a better way to deal with Dusty other than emasculating him in public.

Malakai was dealing with a lot of pressure and it overwhelmed him. He needs to talk to someone about what he is going through. Amerie handled the break-up well, she was considerate of him till the end.

As for Darren and Ca$h, they need to figure out how to compromise with one another, who knows maybe they can find a common ground. What do you think, should Darren give Ca$h more time to deal with whatever the issue is?

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