Heartbreak High – Season 1 Episode 4 “Rack Off” Recap & Review

Rack Off

Episode 4 of Heartbreak High starts with Amerie and Malakai spending the day together, it looks like they are an item now. Amerie shares the news about losing her virginity to Malakai with Darren and Quinn.

They didn’t define the relationship and Amerie thinks it is a casual fling but Malakai shows up with flowers the next day at school. He asks Amerie to be his girlfriend but she is not sure she wants anything serious. She admits to her friends that she only went to his place because she was sad. Darren advises her to invite him to their pre’s ( it is what they call the preparations before a big party) and see if she has feelings for him.

Darren invites Ca$h to the party too and Quinn notes that Darren likes him. Darren doesn’t deny it but they are getting missed signals from Ca$h and they are hoping they can spend time together and figure it out. Quinn finds the time between a heavy kissing session to invite Sasha to Darren’s pre and she agrees to come.

In the boys’ locker room, Malakai is getting teased by the boys about his relationship with Amerie. The conversation turns sexual and he ends up spilling details of their sexual encounter. Doesn’t he know better? Spider is not particularly happy to hear that Malakai took Amerie’s “V card.’’ Honestly, what is his deal with Amerie, he is always unnecessarily mean when it comes to her.

In the SLTs, they get special guests, two cops who will teach them a thing or two about sex. The cops separate the group by gender and the girls are taught about surviving a sexual assault. They are taught self-defense and Harper is chosen to volunteer but this triggers her and I think she is a victim of sexual assault. Is this what happened to her  at the festival? Meanwhile, the boys play games and simply hang out with the cop in charge of them.

At the end of the class, both groups come together to assess what they have learned and the girls are surprised that the boys didn’t get the same sexual assault drill they did. Spider says that they don’t need it, they are all feminists. What! He also reveals the details Malakai divulged about his sexual encounter with Amerie. It goes without saying that Amerie is pissed to find out Malakai revealed explicit details about their night together.

Ca$h goes to get the bag with the stolen goods from the hide-out and finds it missing. This puts him in a dangerous position as Chook( the gang leader) wants his money. Ca$h promises to pay him back but Chook still hits him and gives him a black eye.

At the pre, Quinn and Darren try to fix the situation between Malakai and Amerie. Malakai apologizes and Amerie forgives him. They have fun dressing up for the Mardi Gras Slay Ball, a queer-themed party to celebrate Pride at the school. Despite his black eye, Ca$h shows up and Darren is delighted. Quinn, unfortunately, is stood up by Sasha, and this bums her out.

At the Mardi Gras Slay Ball, Quinn and Sasha talk, and for teenagers, these two are so mature in how they address their issues. As they leave the party, Malakai is physically assaulted by a police officer and Amerie wants to share the video of the assault online. Malakai is understandably traumatized but he asks her not to share it but she accidentally posts it online. This causes Malakai to lash out at her and break up with her before running away. Harper and Dusty find him and take him home and they have a threesome.

The Episode Review

This episode touched on some heavy topics such as sexual assault and racial profiling by the cops. In this era, the two cops should have known better. Boys can also be victims of sexual assault and they should have been taught how to defend themselves as well.

Tragically, Malakai was a victim of police racial profiling but Harper and Dusty should have taken him home and helped him. The threesome was the last thing they should have done. Harper may no longer be friends with Amerie but still, she knows that this would hurt her. Is she trying to hurt Amerie on purpose? This betrayal is probably  going to cut deeper than the last one with Dusty?

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