Hazbin Hotel – Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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What happens before the battle?

In Hazbin Hotel Episode 8, Vox laughs while watching video of the hotel preparing for battle. He can’t wait to see Alistor and everyone else die.

It’s 24 hours until the extermination, and everyone has a drink and some final moments of sentimental connection before the fight tomorrow. Vaggie finds a crying Charlie and comforts her by pointing out how many souls she’s touched. The two share that they love each other and kiss.

Does Alistor or Pentious defeat Adam?

Adam leads his army of exorcists forward, and the battle begins. The angels quickly realize they’re going to try and kill them with their own weapons. Adam demolishes the shield around the hotel, and Alistor meets him for a one-on-one battle.

It doesn’t seem to go the way Alistor expected, however. Adam narrowly defeats him after breaking his staff, but doesn’t kill him, and Alistor sneaks away through the shadows.

Seeing Adam is still fighting, Pentious decides to fire his death ray at him, but Adam beats him to it and kills Pentious instead.

Does the Hazbin Hotel win against the exorcists?

Charlie and Vaggie then fly up to meet Adam and Lute on Razzle and Dazzle. Vaggie takes on Lute and crushes her under rubble, causing her to lose an arm. But she lets her survive.

Meanwhile, Lucifer flies in to save Charlie from Adam. Charlie turns into her demon form to help in the fight, and Lucifer pummels Adam into the ground. Adam yells that everyone is ungrateful for not worshipping him, but he’s unable to finish his speech because Niffty stabs him, killing him. Lucifer tells Lute to retreat, and the exorcists go back to heaven.

Charlie is discouraged that they lost Pentious, but the others encourage her to go on. They all start building a new hotel, since the old one got destroyed in battle. 

How does Hazbin Hotel Season 1 end?

The Vees rejoice that a power vacuum will allow them to take control of hell. But Alistor isn’t dead as they assumed, and he rejoins the hotel, still planning to find freedom from a deal he’s made and take power for himself.

The episode ends with Pentious suddenly arriving in heaven before the surprised seraphim. Meanwhile, Lute finds Lilith on a peaceful beach. She tells her that Adam is dead, her deal is done, and Lute’s in charge now. If Lilith wants to stay here, she’s going to have to go down and stop her daughter from threatening the foundation of heaven.

The Episode Review

That was quite an exciting end to a thrilling season, although I can’t help but feel the finale was too rushed without sufficient build-up to such a grand climax. Vox’s presence on the sidelines was also jarring, considering we haven’t seen him since episode 2, and his character seems only a cheap tease for what’s to come.

It’s the intrigue the episode ends on that carries the episode. It’s nothing to do with Alistor–we’ve known something’s been up with him from the beginning, and nothing about his situation has really changed all season. But Pentious in Heaven and Lilith and Lute in cahoots has me thoroughly anticipating the next season for answers.

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