Hazbin Hotel – Episode 7 “Hello Rosie” Recap & Review

Hello Rosie

In Hazbin Hotel Episode 7, Charlie is discouraged over Vaggie’s big secret. It’s not that she minds her being an angel, but that she hates being lied to. She’s also buckling under the weight of having to come up with a plan to save her friends from extermination.

Charlie’s so desperate, in fact, that she makes a deal with Alistor. She doesn’t give him her soul. She just promises to do him a favor at a time of his choosing (without harming anyone) to get more information about how they can defend themselves.

He then enlightens her to the fact that angels can be harmed. But she’ll need more information from Carmilla Carmine, as well as an army to back her when the exorcists arrive.

Vaggie would rather talk through the recent revelation about her past, but Charlie sends her to talk to Carmilla about what she knows instead. Meanwhile, Alistor brings Charlie to an ally of his, Overlord Rosie, who rules over Cannibal Town.

Rosie likes Charlie’s moxie, so she promises that her cannibal people will fight for her against the angels as long as she can win them over. Her first attempt at doing so falls flat, so Rosie takes her aside for a chat about what has her so out of sorts.

Charlie confesses to Rosie doubts she’s feeling about Vaggie due to her lies. She now wonders if all her girlfriend’s support has been a lie. Rosie advises her to take a look at Vaggie’s actions, rather than her words. Her actions, Charlie realizes, show that she loves her and believes in her. Her hotel is all about redemption, so why can’t Vaggie be redeemed too?

Now ready for a second attempt at persuading the cannibals to her side, Charlie sings a song to them that surprisingly works. On the sidelines, Alistor rejoices that he’s able to guide Charlie’s great potential.

In the meantime, Vaggie struggles to convince Carmilla to listen to her plea. Carmilla doesn’t want to risk the safety of her people, but she does show Vaggie a few tricks to use against the angels. She shows her weaknesses in the exorcists’ (and Vaggie’s own) fighting styles. Because they are unafraid of harm, they fight recklessly, leaving themselves open to attacks from angelic steel.

The last piece of advice she imparts to Vaggie is to fight for love, rather than vengeance. With this new information under her belt, Vaggie shows her wings for the first time in hell.

Each on the way home from their successes, Vaggie and Charlie reunite with a kiss. At home, they’re both touched to see that nobody abandoned them before the fight.

The Episode Review

Pacing has been an issue for Hazbin throughout the season, largely due to its limited number of episodes. Few characters have been allowed the development to build to the importance the show lends them. We see that with Carmilla and Rosie here, whose involvement in the preparations for the battle are sloppily incorporated.

The element of relationship drama in this episode is lovely, however, with Charlie’s growing to accept Vaggie being the main draw. Once again, my main complaint is simply wanting more time to expand on those character developments.

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