Guns & Gulaabs – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Chapter 3: Kasam Paida Karnewale Ki

Episode 3 of Guns & Gulaabs starts the following day at the funeral of Suneel. Surprisingly enough, Tipu is emotionless all over again just like he was at his father’s funeral. Meanwhile, Mahinder tells everyone to keep the news of Ganchi being hospitalised and in a state of comatose from his enemies, especially Nabeed.

At the same time, Arjun goes to meet IAS Office Pratap who was wrongfully incarcerated after Arjun mishandled a case to get a promotion. Pratap is set to destroy Arjun and his family to take revenge for what the cop had done to him. Nabeed calls Aatmaram to Sherpur to discuss the details of their contract but the latter is not happy about going to neighbouring town to see the gang leader.

On the other hand, Jugnu himself starts spreading the news of his father being comatose. He flirts with his friend’s wife, Malini which makes his friend Nirmal jealous and Malini uncomfortable. Chandralekha shows up at Tipu’s house and talks to him about Suneel’s death.

Tipu tells her that he’s a nobody just like Suneel and that no one bothers when a nobody dies. He tells her that he wanted to lead a life that’s different than his father’s but adds that he’s just like Babu. Tipu pledges to leave Gulaabganj to lead a normal life elsewhere. Aatmaram shows up at Sherpur and the latter asks him to make sure Tipu is dead.

The killer is frustrated that he was called across town for such an insignificant reason and goes back to Gulaabgunj without listening to another word from Nabeed. He asks his men to figure out what Ganchi’s gang is up to and why there’s so much radio silence from them.

The client from Calcutta starts lining up at the Ganchi house and asks for updates on the deal. Jugnu asks Mahinder to start arranging the opium for the deal and asks him to collect opium from the farm owners that worked for the government. Mahinder is not sure if Jugnu’s idea will work and asks for time to think it over.

Meanwhile, Aatmaram tells Nabeed that Ganchi is in a state of comatose and will not return for a long time. Arjun confronts Yamini for leaking their private moments upon Pratap’s orders. Yamini claims that she was working a job for Pratap who had once saved her life. She actually has feelings for Arjun.

Arjun asks her to prove her love for him and asks him to bring the negatives of the photos for her. Yamini refuses to do so for Arjun.

At the same time, there is chaos in the classroom when the new CL (Class Leader), Jyotsna writes Lalkrishna’s name on the blackboard to punish him along with his friends for causing chaos in class when the teacher was absent. The teachers of the school are all schooled to see Lalkrishna being punished when he was supposed to be the top student in the school.

On the other hand, Tipu gets packed to skip town but Kamarcut is not happy about it. He begs for Tipu to stay back but the mechanic is determined to leave. On his way out of town, Tipu cries to himself but gets off the bus when he spots Aatmaram on his bike.

Tipu shows up at Ganchi’s house and asks Jugnu to hire him. He wants to avenge the death of his friend but Jugnu teases him for avenging his father who was also killed by the contract killer. Jugnu hires him and tells the guy how Ganchi was in the hospital and unsafe there. He asks Tipu to protect the old man from any potential threat.

Nabeed’s men start looting the farm owners under Ganchi’s control and take away the opium crops to Sherpur. At the restaurant between Sherpur and Gulaabganj, Tipu finally breaks down and tells Suneel’s brothers how Aatmaram has killed his friend without worrying about the consequences.

Arjun learns that Ganchi was in a coma too. He asks Ramprasad about Nabeed and learns that he used to work under Ganchi for a long time. He also finds out that Nabeed had betrayed Ganchi by stealing from him and was kicked out of the gang. Arjun believes that this would be the ideal time for Nabeed to take over the farms at Gulaabganj to overthrow Ganchi’s gang.

Mahinder learns from the farm owner that Nabeed has stolen their crops and is worried that all other farmers will follow suit after learning that Ganchi was no longer powerful. Later that night, Jugnu visits the hospital and threatens the doctor for letting the news of Ganchi’s condition spread. The episode ends with Jugnu killing the doctor unknowingly.

The Episode Review

The show is enjoying a smooth run so far and is doing a good job of making viewers nostalgic about their childhood/adulthood. The struggle to end STD calls in 59 seconds was real because the moment a call hit the 1-minute mark, the price would skyrocket. Seeing Aatmaram trying to wait until the 59th second to aggressively end the call with Nabeed was hilarious.

The story is slowly piecing together but it looks like it still has a long way to go. Babu Tiger’s death was not good enough motive for our hero to turn to the dark side and Paana Tipu is sure to go wild after the death of his best friend – Suneel. This show has given us 4 main characters – Tipu, Arjun, Jugnu and Aatmaram and all of them have their own quirks which makes them all uniquely entertaining.

With that being said, Arjun is playing the honest police officer that megastar Amitabh Bachchan was known for which is again nostalgic. Dulquer Salmaan has made a name for himself in the Malayalam film industry and now his appearance as Arjun will further fortify his place in the Hindi film industry.

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