Grimsburg Season 1 Episode 11 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Grimsburg Season 1 Episode 11

Fox is on an animation spree. In an attempt to bolster its animated block, the network has come up with Grimsburg, yet another adult comedy.

Produced by Bent Box, who are also behind another Fox special, Krapopolis, the show is set in a fictional town and revolves around detective Marvin Flute. The lead is voiced by Jon Hamm, who sounds nothing like his usual self in the trailer.

The show’s official synopsis reads: ” In Grimsburg, Marvin Flute (Jon Hamm) may be the greatest detective ever to catch a cannibal clown or correctly identify a mid-century modern armoire. But there’s one mystery he still can’t crack — his family. Now that he’s back in Grimsburg, a town where everyone has a secret or three, Flute will follow every lead he’s got to redeem himself with the ex-wife he never stopped loving, even if it means hanging out with the son he never bothered to get to know.”

From the looks of it, Grimsburg promises to be a mix of drama and detective work, which should make the individual episodes interesting. 

Here is everything you need to know about Grimsburg Season 1 Episode 11, including its release date, time, and where to watch this.

Where Can I Watch Grimsburg?

Grimbsurg, currently, is exclusively available to watch on Fox. If you do not have a cable network, you will have to wait to catch a glimpse of the new episodes. However, we expect Fox to make an announcement soon regarding the details of a streaming option for viewers. This happened with Krapopolis in the recent past. 

At the moment, Grimsburg will not be available to watch outside of the US until a streaming platform hosts the show. We will keep our readers updated through this page when such information is unveiled. 

Grimsburg Season 1 Episode 11 Release Date

Grimsburg Season 1 Episode 11 will be released on Sunday, 28th April at 8 pm (ET)/(PT). Expect the runtime to be roughly 23 minutes, which is consistent with the time frame for the other sitcoms currently part of Fox’s animated block. 

The new episode of Grimsburg is titled “And the Winner is… Murder!” The episode will be available to stream with subtitles. Its plot summary reads: “A serial killer targets the winner of the town’s talent show and Marvin sits at the judging table to catch them in the act.”

How Many Episodes Will Grimsburg Have?

Currently, Fox has not revealed how many episodes Season 1 of Grimsburg will have. Unusually, their animated offerings do not have a pre-determined number, probably because the series isn’t ordered beforehand.

At this point, we assume that the show will have a total of 13 episodes. We will keep you posted on these details and more through our weekly previews. 

What happened in Episode 10?

Episode 10 of Grimsburg takes place in pressing circumstances. Marvin and Harmony are on the verge of rekindling their relationship as the latter is in heat.

Stan is once again left disappointed as Marvin fails to show up at his precious hobby horse race. Dr Pentos spots his downed spirits and decides to stage a kidnapping to force Marvin to collaborate with him. In this way, both Stan and Pentos will get more attention from the flailing detective. However, the plan runs amok as Stan loses his way in the forest and runs into The Funaways, a group of lost teenagers forced to look at life in a different way. 

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Is There A Trailer For Grimsburg Season 1?

There is indeed! You can find a trailer for Grimsburg Season 1 below.

Are you looking forward to this episode? What are your expectations from the show? Let us know in the comments below

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