Green Mothers’ Club – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Your Downright Lie

Episode 8 of Green Mothers’ Club starts back at the funeral as Chun-Hui shows off the letter sent through her letterbox. She spins this as if it’s Eun-Pyo who staged all of this. Not only that, she also uses the slap and Eun-Pyo’s nervousness into this as well as a way of reinforcing that she’s guilty. Yun-Ju hears all of this and starts acting nervously, hurrying out the room.

It turns out Yun-Ju was the one who sent the letter after all, as she believed that Chun-Hui was having an affair with Man-Su. They’re not, apparently, but this gives Chun-Hui enough leverage to use against Yun-Ju in the future. For now, she promises to keep the letter a secret. Yun-Ju points out she and Man-Su met in the parking lot, something she herself actually saw. Chun-Hui scoffs, claiming that Man-Su has feelings for her and she keeps rejecting him, explaining their ties. Anyone else believe there’s more going on here?

There are more secrets being kept elsewhere too, including Young-Mi who seemingly starts to suspect her husband. Given we’ve seen he has an aggressive streak, it could all be linked together. Anyway, Young-Mi is spooked while making dinner, noticing a body fly past her window (a flashback perhaps) and the unnerving smiling face of her partner.

Meanwhile, the police intend to wrap up the Jin-Ha case properly as a suicide. With the burial now done, the office want the investigators to move onto a sexual assault case that’s currently gaining traction.

Jae-Ung has an inkling there’s more going on here though. He realizes that there are elements of this case that don’t add up. Between Luis not exactly phased by what’s happened with his wife, to Chun-Hui’s exaggerated statement, there’s definitely reason to suspect them.

Yun-Ju meets up with Eun-Pyo and encourages her to stand up for herself and do something about Chun-Hui’s rumours. Instead, she shrugs it off and decides to do right by her kids and be the best wife and mum she can.

At the first class at the academy, the kids are given the task to create a bridge using the least amount of sticks possible. Dong-Seok is the one who impresses first and even catches the eye of a writer from JBC’s Genius Kids Show. She wants him to feature on her show, but Eun-Pyo isn’t so sure. She politely takes the woman’s business card and decides to mull it over. Eun-Pyo is not so sure she likes the idea of being famous.

It’s at this point where we catch up to what happened at the end of the last episode. Chun-Hui is called into class under allegations that Dong-Seok touched her daughter, Yu-Bin, inappropriately. Apparently she was in the classroom at the time and wasn’t alone, as Su-In was with her. Chun-Hui wants Dong-Seok kicked out the academy immediately.

Eun-Pyo is still unaware of what’s happening at the time, as Chun-Hui heads outside and rings Yun-Ju, telling her that Dong-Seok molested Su-In as well. When Yun-Ju asks her daughter, Su-In is silent and has tears in her eyes.

After this, Chun-Hui meets up with Yun-Ju late at night and tells her she’s going to do everything in her power to get Dong-Seok kicked out of the neighbourhood. She calls an emergency meeting with the mums to tell everyone what’s going on. She also tells Yun-Ju to support her.

When Eun-Pyo arrives at soccer practice that night, she finds all the kids have gone and instead, it’s just all the parents, who gang up on Eun-Pyo while the coach takes her kids aside for a private session. According to Yu-Bin, Dong-Seok threatened to hurt them and then showed them his privates.

Eun-Pyo apologizes to the women and decides to speak to Dong-Seok first. Chun-Hui points out the affair and killing Jin-Ha as leverage too. Eun-Pyo attempts to fight back but eventually all the women join Chun-Hui as they walk away, telling her to leave the neighbourhood quietly.

Back home, Eun-Pyo speaks to Dong-Seok who vows that he didn’t do anything and they’re both plotting against him. Eun-Pyo shockingly takes Chun-Hui’s side, and begins hounding her son for the truth. It takes Jae-Ung stepping in to stop her. He tells her she needs to be out there telling the mums to stop and supporting his son, not trying to vilify him and make him feel worse. This is enough to knock some sense into Ein-pyo, as she remains determined to try and clear Dong-Sok’s name rather than moving out.

While Luis heads off to go to France, Henry is left in the care of his grandmother for the time being. At the same time, Eun-Pyo speaks to the hypocritical teacher who tells Eun-Pyo that we can’t just blindly trust what children say.

It’s interesting she says this though, as we cut straight over to Chun-hui’s place where little Yu-Bin is just nonchalantly playing the violin. Chun-Hui even overhears her saying “I think our plan was a really good one.” in their room. Yu-Bin talks to her doll, deciding that next she should get rid of Su-In next.

When Chui-Hui hears her daughter confess to her outright lie, she’s shocked but eventually decides to carry on with the lie. If people find out, then things could get very bad for Yu-Bin. So she’s decided to allow Dong-Seok to be vilified by this lie.

At the academy, they’ve received numerous calls about Dong-Seok, and they’re debating whether to kick Dong-Seok out off the back of this. The kids in the hallway are all joking and giggling, mentioning how Dong-Seok’s underwear was red. That’s what Yu-Bin and SuIn have been saying apparently.

When Eun-Pyo finds out, she’s shocked and  drives up to Yun-Ju’s place. She bursts in and asks Su-In what colour underwear Dong-Seok was wearing. She repeats that it’s red… prompting Eun-Pyo to reply that Dong-Seok is very particular and only wears blue underwear.

As things start to escalate, Su-In eventually caves and apologizes, admitting that she lied. Yu-Bin told her that if she didn’t play along, she’d reveal to everyone that Yun-Ju works at the supermarket.

That night, Yun-ju and Eun-Pyo both burst into the restaurant together, breaking up this big mother’s meeting. Eun-Pyo is furious and  sits opposite Chun-Hui, calling out her daughter as a liar. Eun-Pyo relays everything, including Yun-Ju’s job dilemma and the blackmail. Eun-Pyo demands that Yu-Bin apologize to Dong-Seok. She also wants an apology from all the other mums as well.

Chun-Hui starts retorting everything about Jin-Ha and Eun-Pyo’s alleged involvement in her murder. This causes Eun-Pyo to snap. She grabs a cup of drink and splashes it in her face!  Eun-Pyo promises to stomp her in the ground and even rasps, telling Chun-Hui that she’s going to kill her.

The Episode Review

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned; Eun-Pyo has finally snapped and after these disgusting allegations, it’s fair to say the tables have turned on Chun-Hui. Having said that though, Eun-Pyo blurting out that she’ll kill her is probably not the best move to try and prove her innocence and could come back to haunt her.

For now though, we’ve established that Yu-Bin has some serious mental problems and I’d imagine this has stemmed from Chun-Hui pushing her to constantly work and do more with her studies. After all that, her social skills have suffered and she’s not got anything to show for her efforts. That’s probably caused her to snap.

There are some pretty tough scenes to watch in this episode though, and thankfully the ending does give a really satisfying resolution to all this, Seeing Eun-Pyo tip a drink over Chun-Hui and square up to her is something that’s been coming for awhile and it’s great to see the midway point of this drama start to crank up the tension and character development.

Jae-Ung is easily one of the best characters in the show though, and has surprisingly come leaps and bounds since the start. When he jumps to Dong-Seok’s defence after Eun-pyo’s berating, it really helps to frame him as a caring and devoted father. Unlike Luis, it seems, who constantly skips out on his son.

Quite how al these moving parts slot together is a mystery – especially if there is foul play involved in Jin-ha’s death. It does feel like we’re gearing up for a rather dramatic second half to come.

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