Goosebumps – Season 1 Episode 9 “Night of the Living Dummy: Part 2” Recap & Review

Night of the Living Dummy: Part 2

Goosebumps Episode 9 commences with Mr. Bratt delivering a creativity-inspiring speech to a Biology class. Later that day, he receives a call from the principal informing him of his termination. Julia arrives to collect the rent, but Mr. Bratt pleads for a few extra days. Suddenly, Mr. Bratt’s dog, Fifi, runs off and is involved in an accident.

Three days later, a lawyer approaches him and informs him about the property he has inherited. The scene then revisits all the haunting events to bring us to the current time. Mr. Bratt documents the entire sequence of events. Margot is obliged to leave town and relocate to Seattle with her mother.

Mr. Bratt finishes writing the account and sends it off. He vents about his experience to Ben, who tries to help him set up a memorial for Fifi. Ben also hints at having been writing a book, which Ben regards suspiciously.

Lucas questions Nora about moving to Seattle, and she encourages him to do so. He joins the others on a road trip to Seattle. Mr. Bratt meets them but then receives a call from New York City. Ann informs him that they liked the manuscript but requests a rewrite for a new ending.

Mr. Bratt struggles to conceive an ending but finally manages to draft one. Unfortunately, Ann calls him and asks him to refrain from turning all the characters into ghosts. Mr. Bratt clears out his writing and begins anew.

The kids’ parents gather for dinner and celebrate surviving the recent events. In Seattle, Sarah leaves the kids before heading out to work. They decide to go out and get gelato. Isaiah stays back with Margot and has a conversation with her, convincing her to stay in Seattle.

While driving through Mt. Seymore, Mr. Bratt remembers Slappy and ends up finding him. He brings Slappy home and recites the spells that revive Slappy.

The kids attend a party, striving to fit in. Margot converses with Lucas, who struggles to belong. He apologizes to Margot and leaves. Slappy uses magic to revive Fifi’s relic and gets it to lead Mr. Bratt into the woods to unearth a coffin.

The next morning, Margot and the others return home to find a note indicating he went back to Port Lawrence. Margot texts him, asking him to call her.

Slappy pressures Mr. Bratt to open the coffin and read the spell. Midway, Mr. Bratt stops after witnessing a scary vision. Slappy insists he continues. Suddenly, Slappy’s soul enters the decaying body inside the coffin, causing it to start moving. At the end of Goosebumps Episode 9, Ben enters the room and Slappy uses a spell to turn him into a puppet.

The Episode Review

With Goosebumps Episode 9, terror is back in town! It finally reveals Mr. Bratt’s genuine personality, intriguingly leading to Slappy’s resurrection. What’s fascinating is the twisted resemblance between Mr. Bratt and Harold, hinting at their connection in an unexpected manner.

The episode brings Slappy, the doll, back to life by possessing a corpse extracted from a coffin by Mr. Bratt. Previously, Slappy might have shown a different side while manipulating events through Harold. The upcoming episode could reveal a significant shift in Slappy’s demeanor, as he is now entirely independent.

The episode delves into the personal lives of the protagonists, particularly Margot and Lucas. The couple faces a rough patch. Interestingly, there’s a resemblance to what occurred between Margot’s parents when Sarah moved out to Seattle and Colin stayed back in Port Lawrence.

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