Goosebumps – Season 1 Episode 8 “You Can’t Scare Me” Recap & Review

You Can’t Scare Me

Goosebumps Episode 8 begins with the kids still trapped in the scrapbook and now shifting pages as the scrapbook has fallen into a puddle. Mr. Bratt attempts to head over to the scrapbook, but Harold takes control of one of his arms and holds on to the car handle. Mr. Bratt somehow manages to break free and draw the kids an exit out of the scrapbook, returning them back to consciousness. Unfortunately, Harold takes back control of Mr. Bratt.

Nora arrives at the cabin and begins to prepare to bury Slappy. Just as she is about to leave, a police officer arrives at her doorstep, warning her about the storm. She shows him what’s in the duffel bag as he suspects it is a dead body.

Following that, Mr. Bratt arrives at the barricade, and the police officer tells him to head back and get chain tires to proceed due to the upcoming storm. Mr. Bratt backs off and goes back further down the road and begins to make his way on foot. Back in the cabin, Slappy tries to convince Nora to spare him, but Nora tapes up his mouth and proceeds.

The kids make their way to the cabin. In the meantime, Isaiah and Margot have a conversation about her relationship status, but are interrupted by Isabelle. Lucas urges James to drive faster. They spot Mr. Bratt’s car on the way. They decide to split up while Lucas, Margot, and Isaiah head into the woods to find Nora, while James and Isabelle wait at the car to see if Mr. Bratt returns.

Mr. Bratt arrives at the cabin and sees Nora taking Slappy. He chases her, but she quickly gets into her car. The car does not start in time, and Bratt begins to pound on the windshield, successfully cracking it. The car suddenly starts, and she manages to shake him off, injuring him. However, the car stops once again, and Nora begins to run on foot while Mr. Bratt limps and follows her.

Lucas and the others reach the cabin to find that Nora has already left. They head into the woods in search of Nora. She enters the woods and hides behind a tree while he searches for her. She attempts to run, but Mr. Bratt suddenly grabs her foot and tries to snatch Slappy. Nora breaks free and continues to run.

Just then, the parents of the kids arrive and see James and Isabella standing. James lets them know that they know about Slappy, and the group heads into the woods to find Nora. As Nora is running through the woods, she hears Lucas calling out to her and heads in his direction. Unfortunately, it turns out to be Mr. Bratt mimicking him and she begins to run away. Mr. Bratt manages to catch up with her and snatch the bag, leaving her to fall and go unconscious. He reassembles Slappy.

While the friends look for Nora, Isaiah falls off the cliff without being noticed. Lucas and Margot realize he isn’t with them but hear his screams from a distance. While looking for Isaiah they come across Nora and bring her back to consciousness.

Stuck clinging onto a root from a dead drop, Isaiah decides to try and climb back up despite his broken arm. Reaching the top he sees Slappy and Mr. Bratt. Mr. Bratt picks up a stone to strike Isaiah’s hand and throw him off the cliff, but just then, Lucas arrives and pulls Mr. Bratt away. Nora tries to convince him that Slappy is evil and that he shouldn’t listen to him, but he isn’t convinced.

Just then, Margot calls him “Harebear”, a nickname used by his parents for him. The other parents, along with James and Isabelle also arrive. They plead with and appreciate him for being their friend, making him rethink his decision. Harold realizes Slappy is evil, helps Isaiah up, and hurls Slappy off the cliff.

Harold then exits Mr. Bratt’s body and reunites with Sarah, turning him from a burnt monster back into a human. He then approaches a vision of his parents before hugging them and disappearing at the end of Goosebumps Episode 8.

The Episode Review

In the words of James, Goosebumps Episode 8 has us emotionally on edge and almost had us thinking the show is only 8 episodes long. The sequence of events keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. It starts with Mr. Bratt wrestling with Harold to set the kids free, then Mr. Bratt chasing Nora through the woods, and finally having Isaiah hanging off the edge of the cliff while Harold contemplates releasing his grip.

The choice of location for this episode is amazing and adds to the thrill. Eventually, the parents of the other kids arrive and apologize for their actions in the past and appreciate his friendship. Margot also uses the nickname given to Harold by his parents, and they eventually win him over by making him feel more desired. The feeling of being desired has been beautifully portrayed throughout the episodes, along with its positive and negative implications.

Harold ends up hurling Slappy off the cliff and returning to his parents, who await him in their afterlife. The series, however, doesn’t end there, as the episode reveals a glimpse of Slappy being found by someone. However, this doesn’t seem like Harold and might uncover a hidden secret.

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