Goodbye Earth – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

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Goodbye Earth episode 8 picks up with Se-kyung, In-ah, and their gang finally rescuing the kids from the training centre. Yoon-sang is in shock but not hurt, which means he was not shot. Did Hyun-tae get hurt? As all this unfolds, Mi-ryeong drinks alone and ponders the vanity of it all.

Meanwhile, the soldiers take the kids to the hospital for a check-up. Se-kyung asks Sung-jae to watch over Yoon-sang while In-ah asks the hospital director to protect the kids even from their parents. Minutes later, JIU arrives and demands to question Yoon-sang as a witness and Se-kyung as an accomplice. Of course, they take In-ah, but she protests against the agents taking the two civilians. Se-kyung apologises to In-ah as she feels it is her fault. At the same time, Sister Chae-hwan corners In-ah before she is taken to ask if they found gold.

In the meantime, Sung-jae tries to talk to Yoonsang, but the latter’s mind is elsewhere. Through a flashback, we learn that Manger Im followed the CEO and the children. Hyun-tae asked him to drop his weapon, but Manager Im refused and started questioning who they were. Hyun-tae fired one shot, and Manager Im is currently in critical condition. As for Hyun-tae, he is receiving minor treatment while the JIU agent interrogates him. Hyun-tae denies being ordered to shoot Manager Im by In-ah. 

On the other hand, In-ah explains that the gravity of the circumstances called for the operation to be carried out with urgency. The JIU agent twists everything she says to fit their story. They insist that she trespassed and got a civilian shot. 

The scene cuts to Oktokki holding a broadcast, reporting on the gold and how they scammed people to plan their own escape and resettlement plan. As he explains how the scam works, we see Mrs. Kim opening her safe full of gold and money. 

The next day, Myeong-ok and Gye-hyang meet to clean the memorial stand at the church. They talk about how the kids are quickly adapting and about the gold bars and what it would mean to have one. Meanwhile, Sang-woo explains to his group how the gold exchange market works. He argues that this gold hoarding must have started even before the government announced the asteroid attack. He thinks people like Father Baek also used the money they had to purchase gold. Jin-seo is intrigued by his explanation until the group starts chanting about eternal life.

At the community garden, Ji-eun secretly asks for advice on whether to keep a pregnancy. The older women think she is referring to Se-kyung, but she quickly denies it.  As for Yoon-sang, he is unable to rest and opens up to Sung-jae. He says he finally sees other sides of Se-kyung. Sung-jae argues that he is finally moving beyond his preconceived notions about his lover. While Yoon-sang deals with his emotional turmoil, Soo-geum tries to convince Jeong-ah to give him a chance. Jeong-ah promises to reconsider if he can convince his family to come voluntarily. Soo-geum calls a family meeting, but no one agrees to come with him. Jeong-ah then addresses her members and swears them to secrecy before showing them proof that they will leave with the remaining cabinet. 

At the hospital, Manager Im dies while receiving treatment, and JIU refuses to allow anyone to see the kids staying there. Even Young-ji is unable to see Young-han. Sister Chae-hwan quickly calls Oktokki to give him the tea. In-ah receives the news of Manager Im’s death after returning to the base. After things settle down a bit, Young-ji talks to Se-kyung and informs her that Young-han said he saw Father Baek at the training centre. Se-kyung looks at the buildings around the training centre and finds five likely possibilities for Father Baek’s location. She contemplates telling In-ah but decides against it. She doesn’t want to get them into more trouble. 

Later, she heads home, and Yoon-sang is sitting in the dark. He is struggling and feels like he is ruining things each time he tries to help. Se-kyung absolves him of any faults and bears the cross. They comfort each other but avoid talking about the elephant in the room again.

The next day, Yoon-sang visits his old professor, who advises him to seize the opportunity and leave. The professor thinks Yoon-sang has a lot of potential and can do well in the new world. While there, he runs into Gi-pyo.

At the military camp, Hyeon-sik tries to bully Hyun-tae again, but Ju-hyeon puts him in his place. As she teaches him a lesson, she is summoned by the superior. The superiors are using In-ah’s raid at the training centre to intimidate the team. Seeing how things are going, Hyeon-sik figures it is time to apply for discharge. After his discharge, he heads downtown and is welcomed by the gang members. However, the gang doesn’t fully trust him, so they search him for weapons. It turns out that the gang is also looking for the missing ammunition.

Elsewhere, the kids lament their fate and their work to earn some money. Ha-yool can’t stop being tormented by the video of a dad with a sex worker. Another person feeling tormented is Sung-jae, who comes across a secret passage in Father Baek’s office. He follows it and is surprised to find Sister Chae-hwan on the other side in a car.

She is looking at the dashcam camera that captured Father Baek leaving with Manager Im and taking the gold with them. The sister wants to download the video to her phone to send to Oktokki. The more he learns about Father Baek, the more tormented he gets. He tries to pray, but even prayers can’t change the reality.

Later in the evening, the community gathers to say goodbye to Dae-han and Mi-ryeong who are leaving for a while. They drink and take photos to commemorate the occasion.

The next day, Ha-yool asks Hyeon-sik to find her a gun, and he asks for porn videos as payment.

At the church, Yoon-sang, Se-kyung, and Sister Chae-hwan try to convince Sung-jae to stop fasting. However, the priest is conflicted and seeks spiritual guidance. After their failed attempt, the three give up and talk about a different plan to find Father Baek. In-ah is with them, but she says her hands are currently tied. Se-kyung has an idea of where Father Baek is and takes off. Yoon-sang is unable to follow her as Gi-pyo and another fraudulent lab doctor corner him. 

In-ah follows Se-kyung and gets in the car with her. They ignore Yoon-sang’s request to stop, so he calls JIU and asks for help. In-ah takes Se-kyung to the military base and gives her a bulletproof vest. Se-kyung assures her that she is only going to confirm, and In-ah begs her to be careful. She says Se-kyung needs to stop being naive and assume Father Baek will take the kids. Before leaving, Se-kyung heads downtown and talks to the cooks handling the gang’s food. She is not helpful, but she links Manger Im, Father Baek and the gang leaders.

In the meantime, the JIU and the driver of Mr. Kim’s son make a deal with the Americans using the gold. The episode ends with the JIU agents helping Yoon-sang trace Se-kyung. They find her at one of the check-off points near the training centre. Yoon-sang insists on going with her, and she agrees.

The Episode Review

Yoon-sang is too devoted to a fault; it is one of the things we love about him. He is a considerate boyfriend. It is also heartwarming to witness the friendship between the three friends. They are always there for each other. Even the community remains strong and prepared to help each other. They still hope for the best regarding Father Baek, and it is a beautiful thing to see. They may have little, but they are willing to share and slowly survive.

Let’s hope Sung-jae gets the answers he is seeking. He must be feeling burdened and confused. He is also expected to fill Father Baek’s big shoes, and it can be tasking, especially given the mysterious circumstances surrounding the older priest’s disappearance.

We are also concerned about Ha-yool. Why does she need a gun?

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