Goodbye Earth – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Girl With The Cat 

Goodbye Earth episode 5 starts with Yoon-sang at Se-kyung’s house. He shows her some documents and asks her to leave the country with him. Whether this is real or an imagination of Yoon-sang or Se-kyung is unclear.

The next morning, the kids visit the abandoned US military base to search for stuff to sell. There are currently 192 days left before the asteroid lands. So-min expresses that she worries about Se-kyung as she has not been her bubbly self lately. 

Elsewhere, the Ottoki podcast reports on In-ah’s team’s rescue operation. He notes that it was successful, gives the soldiers their dues, and embarrasses JIU. He goes on to speculate about the actual owner of the brothel that vanished. Se-kyung is also curious about the man, but In-ah refuses to answer. Instead, she gives Se-kyung her bike. It seems like In-ah is feeling a bit pissed at Se-kyung. The Deputy Mayor also announces the success of the operation and talks about her disappointment with JIU agents. 

In the meantime, other residents, like Kim Su-dong’s wife, try to be hopeful. Hae-chan takes Woo-chan to their old house and shares some snacks with him. Gye-hyang is worried sick when she can’t find them. Once she realises where they are, she goes to them and cries after finding them. She is glad that they are okay and understands they miss their mom. The house is one of the few places they have warm memories of their mom. She read them storybooks and played with them and the dog.

Concurrently, Yoon-sang talks to Se-kyung about how he feels she has changed. He says he felt like she wasn’t happy to see him. Se-kyung explains that a lot happened while he was away and she was startled to see him but happy. They head out and run into an old enemy, who insists he has to tell Yoon-snag about an important offer. They refuse to listen and drive off. Later at work, we see Se-kyung having troubling thoughts about how her stalker died. She also meets a survivor who talks about a training camp but never explains more.

At the military camp, the soldiers meet with their superiors. They want to ask for more food instead of weapons. The superiors insist they need to discharge soldiers and slap the soldier who disagrees. On their way back, In-ah notices her driver is tired and asks him to take a fifteen-minute break at the nearest rest area. 

While there, they meet some former soldiers. In-ah also finds a scared girl hiding with her cat in one of the toilets. She slowly approaches the girl and convinces her to come with them. The girl is Chae Young-ji, and Hyun-jae recognises her as his classmate. He remembers sitting beside her on his first day at the new school. In-ah takes the girl to a help centre and asks Se-kyung to help. They notice that Young-ji is protective of her cat. She also has bruises all over her body and face, but she insists she fell down a flight of stairs. However, the doctor says they are clearly from being abused. 

It turns out Young-ji is the daughter of Se-kyung’s neighbour. They have never met since Youn-ji left to study abroad. Young-ji is the daughter of Do Jeong-ah, who runs the mysterious training centre. However, Young-ji keeps this a secret as she is scared and doesn’t know who to trust. After experiencing so much abuse at the training centre, she is not eager to go back. She fills out her documents with the help of Se-kyung, and they take her to their old home. Yoon-sang also drops by to pick up ration cards and introduces himself. Young-ji lets it slip that she is looking for someone.

At the village, Father Sung-jae talks with the ladies about a memorial and how the cops are working with the criminals. He is shocked when Sister Chae-hwan informs him that the Deputy Mayor wants the mass to be held at City Hall. Father Sun-jae worries he is not equipped to lead a big mass, but the sister encourages him. The Deputy Mayor thinks the big mass will be a great time to unite the community and share their problems with the President’s chief of Staff, who could not leave the country.

The scene cuts to a man retrieving money out of his filled safe. We learn he is Young-ok’s son. His mom is a devout member of Father Baek’s church. In a fascinating twist, he is also the Father of the man behind the Ottoki podcast, Choi In-tae. The boy is scared of his dad and locks himself in the room when he is around.  

As In-tae’s dad leaves, Young-ok tells her house manager that her son is hopeless. He may have a high position, but it is through her money. She argues he is not competent enough to be selected by foreign countries. She figures that he won’t manage to leave the country even if he hires an immigration sponsor. 

After filling out all her forms, Yoon-sang and Se-kyung escort Young-ji to her house. They offer to make her some food, but she shyly says no but eats it when they leave it outside her door. The kids are also excited to meet Young-ji and her cat, but Se-kyung advises them to let Young-ji rest.

Yoon-sang heads to church and runs into Mi-ryeong. They talk about Min-ho’s death and how everyone is trying to stay strong. Mi-ryeong advises him to take Se-kyung and leave. While Yoon-sang contemplates Mi-ryeong’s words, Father Sung-jae is busy listening to his folk’s confession. One of the ladies is pregnant and unsure about keeping the pregnancy. Gye-hyang wants to know if she can get her donation toward the church back. She feels guilty for having these thoughts and repents.

After the confession session, Yoon-sang meets with Sung-jae and talks about the return of their mutual enemy, Gi-pyo. Yoon-sang is confident that Gi-pyo has ulterior motives. As they talk, Sister Chae-wan interrupts and asks to rehearse for the City Hall mass. She asks for help from Jin-seo and the other kids. Yoon-sang sits to watch Sung-jae mess up so he can tease him. Unfortunately, the wonderful camaraderie is ruined when Gi-pyo shows up at the church.

To get him off their backs, Yoon-sang agrees to listen to what Gi-Pyo has to say. Gi-pyo half-heartedly apologises for framing Yoon-sng for fraud and embezzlement. He then explains that the lab needs him back to continue his research in genetic mutation. The lab has investors who are interested in Yoon-sang’s work. Gi–pyo points out how influential people, such as the Mayor and Father Baek, have disappeared. Gi-pyo alludes to the fact that these people are working on a way to survive. Yoon-sang is troubled by this information and goes to Sung-jae.

Sung- jae says he is unaware of such plans and Father Baek would never abandon them. Sun-jae is troubled too about the Father’s disappearance, but he thinks he is dead. He refuses to acknowledge that his mentor is involved in shady business. He tries to open Father Baek’s office but doesn’t know the passcode. Sister Chae-hwan is also curious about Father Baek’s whereabouts and the rumours surrounding his disappearance. Sung-jae admits that he might have placed Father Baek on a pedestal and unknowingly became complacent in his shady actions.

News of Young-ji’s return finally gets around, and the neighbours start gossiping about the family. Sadly, Young-ji is not coping well with her return. She keeps having nightmares about the training centre. She is also getting mysterious calls. As she grabs her cat from the table, we see a picture of Father Baek, her dad and Choi In-tae’s dad.

The following day, Sung-jae prepares for the  City Hall Mass. Elsewhere, we spot Father Baek talking to Young-ji’s mom about how many kids they will take. Father Baek asks about Young-ji as he wants to see her perform. Jeong-ah lies that Young-ji is sick. In- tae’s dad takes his leave after getting Father Baek’s assurance that he will convince Yoon-sang to join them.

The Episode Review

It is disappointing to learn that Father Baek is just another scammer using the Lord’s name to trick people out of their hard-earned money. He betrayed everyone who held him in high regard for a few years of a luxurious life. Poor Sung-jae and the church members never saw this coming. It took an impending asteroid attack for Father Baek to show his true colours. What will happen to the church? As the end draws near, many will turn to religion in hopes of a better life in the beyond. Will Sung-jae be able to hold the fort and persevere? 

At the same time, we are curious about Young-ji. She seems traumatised and hiding a dark secret. What did he see at the training centre that scared her so much? If she was with her mom, who runs the training camp, and she suffered this much, what chance would the other kids have under Jeong-ah’s watch? 

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