God’s Favorite Idiot – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Preacher” Recap and Review

The Preacher

Now that Clark knows he has to “Spread God’s message”, he tries his best to take it in the most literal terms during episode 3 of God’s Favorite Idiot. Along with Amily, he stands outside on the streets and distributes pamphlets with inconsistent success to unsuspecting pedestrians.

Reverend Milton is a conman. Amily discovers an old infomercial where he preaches about religion. She also recounts how he conned her mother off her money. The crowd outside Clark’s house, which was a handful in the previous episode, has swelled to become a mob.

They make their way through it to the office, where Mohsin and Wendy have a strange conversation about how “failure has never really been an option for them” (because they’re immigrants). All this is done because Mohsin cannot solve a Rubik’s cube. Tom, for the first time in his relationship with Amily, apologizes to him and professes a need to change. He believes Clark is holy and that seeing him glow made him realize how pathetic he was. Tom seeks his help to become a better man. His “purpose”, is to follow Clark. To prove his dedication, Tom offers to become Clark’s bodyguard.

Things look up for Clark as his father apologizes over text and reinvokes the “pleasurable sauna” privileges. But, he has brought Milton along with him to “help” Clark. The standard insult and threats flow from the former’s side to the latter. So what he does is that he starts glowing to prove his point. Milton is unmoved.

The threats continue. He waltzes out promising to “bring him down”. Back at the office, Mohsin and Wendy share a great moment. It seems like the two will start to get romantically involved. Chamuel returns in the episode. Like all angels from the sky, he can’t be seen by others.

And here we have the first surprise in the episode. Frisbee is actually an essential executive dabbling between the Earth and Heaven. That is why Chamuel is able to see him as well. Frisbee, is an Angel. No wonder he has been able to take so much crass from everyone. He never shouts, never reacts, and always has a positive energy about him. If this describes you, congratulations: you are an Angel. Chamuel has actually come to announce that She is here: Satan.

The Episode Review

The more episodes I watch, the more I cry for the money that was killed to make this project, like Mr. Wonderful.┬áThe dialogue is cringe, dated, and aggressively offensive to our intellect. “That doesn’t make any sense” is right. This is the standard reaction I had almost after every sequence in this episode. ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ has fallen flat on its face until now.

The three episodes have seemed directionless, aimless, and nonsensical more than anything. It is a combination of just random things being thrown at the viewer to make a semblance of effort. Maybe it is that I am not trying hard enough to actually see what the writers have done until now. But I would love to hear what you have to say about the show.

As of now, I cannot see any light at the end of this tunnel.

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