God’s Favorite Idiot – Season 1 Episode 4 “God, Satan, and All the Good Smells” Recap and Review

God, Satan, and All the Good Smells

Episode 4 of God’s Favorite Idiot starts with Tom creating a Council of Clark, comprising of Wendy and Mohsin, and of course, himself. A couple of minutes later, the “couple” (pun intended) disband it. They believe Clark has nothing to hide and is a pathological truthteller.

As Chamuel announced in the last episode, Satan has landed on earth. Clad in an all-black leather riding suit, she storms in on her gorgeous sports bike with red flames and “Satan” inscribed on it. She also displays her power by throwing a ball of fire at a journalist. But, she is unable to open Clark’s door. Because Chamuel, who magically appears with a menacing laugh, has put a magic spell on it.

“Like Harry Potter”, Satan says. “Yes”, replies Chamuel. The Angel has also Angelified the normal work routes for Clark and his workplace as well. Satan is actually personable –  maybe that is what’s so “wrong” about her. She makes a futile attempt to get Clark and Amily outside the circle of protection. But the couple just manages to stay alert. Satan returns to Heaven after burning down Clark’s lemon tree.

Milton keeps trying his “only the righteous are right” preaching to rouse a mob. One of them even throws a brick through his window. But Amily is there to protect him. And then again at the office when Tom, Wendy, and Mohsin jump on him because he “smells so good”.

Clark is overwhelmed and goes to the toilet to think. Suddenly, a voice calls him out. It is God. Yes, the Heavenly f–. Oh, wait. The Heavenly Mother, in this case. But God can only take forms and this time, it comes as Mrs. Rowbotham, Clark’s former nurse.

“The world is at a tipping point, Clark”, God says. Expanding upon Chamuel’s vague explanation, God says that Clark must let people know that their preaching and praying are all good, irrespective of what name they call God by until they do not hurt anyone.

People must strive to love and respect each other more. Otherwise, Lucifer will defeat God. Jenny Miller is the chosen mode to get the message out. But Satan has already gotten to Jenny before Clark can. Lucifer 1, God 0. In an uninspiring chase sequence that has less of the word “chase”, Chamuel saves the couple from Satan. Amily and Clark talk about making things official and embrace in agreement. Satan reports to Leviathan, who says the boss won’t like that she didn’t do what he asked.

The Episode Review

With every move that Falcone makes, he thinks he gets closer to getting his point across. In reality, though, it just shows us more closely how shabby the execution is in ‘God’s Favorite Show’. There is no point by now to look for an explanation or anything remotely interesting in the show.

It is all downhill from here, topped up by that generic depiction of hell with burning flames and screaming voices. After four episodes, we still have no idea where the ship is going. Each episode brings along really poorly written meetings of the group at the workplace and some more preaching of the message God wants to spread.

The show is one of the worst experiences of this year in the television space. It is dull, lacks creativity, and certainly cannot seem to create any consistency in its storytelling – whatever little there is. Going on with the final four episodes is a tough task. May God give me the strength to watch its Angel go on with the horribleness.

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