Ginny& Georgia – Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Kill Gil

Episode 9 of Ginny and Georgia season 2 starts with Georgia, along with other items like chairs, a knife, and a flower vase, all falling over. Ginny narrates how her mom taught her to stay one step ahead. Georgia aims for a gun, and Ginny tries to stop her, but a gunshot pierces the air.

We are then taken three days before this incident. Ginny is lying alongside Marcus but wakes up to realize she’s late for work. She leaves, and Clint goes to Marcus’s room.

It’s six days to Paul and Georgia’s wedding, and they are excited. Gil is with Austin in Paul and Georgia’s home, making breakfast. Austin is at the table writing and asks Gil if he’s lying that his grandparents are dead. Georgia then asks who is buried under the soil in Austin’s presentation, and Austin says it’s Kenny.

Gil says they’ll order pizza and snacks and asks for money from Georgia. Georgia refuses to offer him money and she seems scared when he gets close to her. Paul comes in and notices the tension, and asks Georgia if everything’s fine. Just then, Georgia has to leave for her wedding shopping.

There’s a flashback to when Georgia and Ginny were young, and Georgia is packing their things quickly. She tells Ginny about Oklahoma. Just then, young Gil arrives, and Georgia has to hide everything she is packing out of fear. Gil then asks her what’s for dinner. When she says there’s leftover chicken, Gil is unhappy.

At present time, Georgia is out running errands when Gabriel shows up. He tells her all she knows about her. Georgia tells him she can’t find anything to incriminate her.

Ginny arrives at Joe’s and sees Bryon sitting. He tells her that he wants to ask Bracia out and that she should not tell her.

Cynthia is at her husband’s bedside crying when Georgia comes in. She receives her with tears in her eyes, and Georgia hugs her to comfort her. Georgia says she’s there to pick up Austin, but Cynthia tells her Gil did.

Ginny and Marcus are walking in school while holding hands. They go and sit where Sophie is, and in doing so Ginny notices there’s something wrong with Marcus.

Abby and Norah pick her up because they are starting a new class that Marcus attends. Matt also joins the class. The teacher asks Marcus about the English paper he was supposed to turn in, but he says he will submit it later.

Ginny wonders why he hasn’t worked on the paper yet; he refused to hang out with her because he was to work on the paper. Paul is in his office talking on the phone with his parents, and Georgia watches him over the glass window.

Nick then walks in with a paper containing the Wellsbury school budget. Georgia then asks if Paul’s parents are excited about the wedding, but she knows they are not excited. He asks her to sit somewhere he can see her because he might need to see a friendly face at the meeting. Georgia then sees Nick stressed, and Nick tells her that Jesse is kind of pulling away.

Later, Georgia and Ginny are on the couch, sitting and watching TV. Georgia asks Ginny to give her away and give a speech. She also tells her about how she accidentally killed Anthony Green, her first husband. Ginny leaves to see Marcus before heading to work.

At Marcus’s house, Ginny overhears Marcus telling Maxine that he doesn’t want to be with anyone. At Joe’s, Ginny is leaving because her shift is over. Padma asks her how she and Marcus are doing.

Padma gives her a milkshake to take to Jordan on her way out. Jordan is excited about their date and has a ring which he dips into the milkshake. Norah comes, and Ginny leaves, wishing them a happy anniversary.

After the meeting is over with the Wellsbury parents, Zion says he will introduce himself to Mr Gitten. Georgia receives a text from Gil telling her that they need to talk. Zion learns that Ginny dropped Mr Gitten’s class. Georgia receives another text from Gil telling her to meet him at Joe’s restaurant.

At Joe’s restaurant, Gil thanks Cynthia for helping him find an apartment. Georgia then comes in and they have a heated argument, and Gil tells her that he has the upper-hand and can do anything he wants to do. He blackmails her and threatens to tell Paul her secrets. She heads home to find Ginny lying on her bed and joins her. They both agree they have had a rough day. Paul comes in and asks her where she went after the meeting and he seems to be pissed.

The next day, Ginny goes to class and finds Marcus, but he doesn’t notice her. The teacher asks if he has handed over his essay but he hasn’t.

Georgia is in school, and Gil follows her. He asks if he could take Austin out to a hockey game, and she says no. Gil is furious and begins to harass her. Just then, Cynthia comes to the rescue, and they both leave.

Ginny asks Joe if she can leave a little earlier that night, but Joe refuses her request. The detective comes to Ginny and tells her about Anthony Green. He also says that if Ginny keeps hiding her mom, the next death will be in her hands.

Georgia and Cynthia go to Cynthia’s home, and Georgia tells her things between her and Gil are complicated. Cynthia tells Georgia she slept with Joe, and also reveals that she wishes her husband’s suffering would end.  Cynthia tells Georgia that he blocked Gil’s apartment application.

Austin and Zach are playing, but when Cynthia is out to get Austin, Georgia goes to the room where Tom is lying and kills him with a pillow, telling him everything will be okay.

After the play, Marcus breaks up with Ginny, and she runs off. She hides but then wishes Marcus would follow her, but he doesn’t.

Austin and Georgia are back home, but Georgia doesn’t know that Austin saw her kill Tom. Joe comes to bring Georgia the sunglasses he left at the restaurant. She then asks him why she slept with Cynthia.She tells him she remembers their first encounter when they are young. Joe feels like he is having a hard time getting past his feeling for her because she keeps seeking him out. Georgia reminds him that they are friends.

Georgia is lying down when Ginny comes running, heartbroken and crying. She tells Georgia of her breakup with Marcus, and she tries to comfort her.

They hear a knock at the door, and Georgia thinks it’s Paul, but it’s actually Gil. Gil pushes Georgia and gets violent but Gil thinks she made him lose the apartment. Ginny and Austin come, and Austin is holding a gun, and he shoots Gil in the arm but luckily, he is only scrapped by the bullet.

Marcus texts Ginny asking if he heard a  gunshot from their house but Georgia orders her to deny it. Ginny asks if they should call the police, but Georgia and Gil’s decline saying that Austin could go to Juvenile for pulling the trigger.

She sends Ginny to find some bleach and paper towels and Austin to get her sewing kit. They must fix things before Paul comes back. Ginny cleans up while Austin draws a picture to cover the wall where the bullet landed. As a result, Georgia stitches Gil up.

Paul comes back to see them all calm but notices the smell of bleach and the new drawing that Austin drew. The kids go to bed, and Paul apologizes to Georgia for being so curt at the meeting. He also reminds her of their wedding.

Georgia goes up to see Austin and Ginny, and they talk about Gil. She tells them that Gil is a violent man. Austin tells her that she will always protect her.

There’s a flashback of a young Georgia looking at a pregnancy kit test when Gil comes home. She announces the news to him, and he’s excited. Georgia is not pleased.

Georgia then takes up the phone at night and calls someone to cancel the wedding. She is sad. She goes back to her bedroom and lies on Paul’s chest. She narrates that there’s a voice in someone’s gut, and one should listen to it.

Gabriel is packing some papers when Nick comes in, but Gabriel is not interested in seeing him. As Nick leaves, he mentions that Tom is dead and Georgia was with him at the time of death. After Nick leaves to get the flowers, Gabriel calls the police to report a suspected murder case.

The Episode Review

What an episode! I thought Gil was dead for sure. It never ceases to surprise me how Georgia manages to think fast in the face of a storm. She managed to cover up a shooting in a suburb, which takes some skill. At this point, she really shouldn’t marry Paul though.

Gil is right, she will ruin his life too. He is living his dream of being the mayor of the town and helping people. All his dreams will be affected once the truth is revealed.

I find it hard to side with Georgia. The reality is, she’s a criminal and her justifying killing people shows she has no remorse. She is also not a good mom and it is time we stop romanticizing this toxic kind of maternal love. I hope Gabriel finally nails her on a crime.

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