Ginny & Georgia – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Hark! Darkness Descends

Episode 8 of Ginny and Georgia season 2 starts with Marcus’ narration about the veil of darkness surrounding him and describing his intrusive thoughts. The narration strongly implies that he is grappling with his mental well-being. Ginny is in bed with him but doesn’t know what he is going through. She is late, and she has to go to Joe’s.

Padma asks Joe if he can take up an order from table 10, and Joe is furious after learning that Ginny is late. Joe takes up the order from Padma, where Cynthia is sitting.

Paul finds Gil with Georgia in his house in the morning. Georgia has to leave for some wedding shopping. Austin tells Paul he won’t add him to his school project on the family tree because they are unrelated. Gil then tells Austin to add a branch for Paul because he will marry Georgia.

Abby, Norah, and Maxine are talking, and Marcus comes in, followed by Silver. Maxine notices Silver’s corset. Marcus takes his dad’s liquor and drinks it. Marcus and Silver then leave.

Maxine tells the girls that she’s worried about Marcus after she found his art book filled with dark art. They suggest that she tells Ginny about it. Cynthia is home, and Zach and Austin are playing when Gil comes in to pick up Austin.

Meanwhile, Cynthia continues to care for her comatose husband, a plot thread that has been neglected thus far in the season. She speaks to him about her desire to grow old alongside him.

Joe is closing the restaurant, and he starts dancing when Padma catches him and makes fun of him before leaving.

Marcus finds himself at Joe’s restaurant while intoxicated and after hours, Joe offers Marcus water to help him sober up. Padma is curious about why he’s drinking on a Sunday, but he is unresponsive, so she takes him home.

There’s a flashback of when Joe was in high school and had a boy who bullied him. This comes after he says he doesn’t miss high school.

Marcus and Padma drive home, and they find everyone awake, so they wait outside for Maxine to help Marcus get to his room without their parents noticing. In the car, Marcus apologizes to Padma for hurting her and says he is not fit to be with anyone.

Maxine arrives and takes her brother, and thanks, Padma. Matt is with Abby and tells her that her room is small. He rips off his shirt with one hand. Abby grabs him by the belt and pins him down on the bed for a make-out session. Looks like their relationship is a secret.

Marcus and Ginny are in school, walking while holding hands. Hunter and Maxine stare at them, and Maxine wonders why Ginny has to sit with Marcus and not with them. They all disperse to go to their respective classes.

Paul is in his office and is talking to his dad. He tells him to stay away from anything concerning him and Georgia because he will eventually marry her. He also asks his mom to reach out to Georgia about the wedding, Nick comes in with the Wellsbury school budget, saying it will bring trouble. Just then, Georgia comes.

Zion and Simone are together at his place. Simone asks him if she is setting herself up for failure, and Zion assures her she’s not.

Maxine comes to Marcus’s room to call him for dinner, which is in an hour. Maxine then asks him about Silver and says she finds her attractive, but she’s afraid. Marcus tells her not to change her emotionally fearless character because Sophie hurt her. Marcus tells her that he doesn’t want to be with anyone.

Jordan and Norah are at Joe’s restaurant to celebrate their anniversary. Ginny is there and has to leave since her shift is over, and she doesn’t look too happy.

Maxine is rehearsing alone at her house when her father comes in and takes his liquor. She tells him how she worried about the play. He encourages her and tells her she has a special skill. In the end, she tells him that she’s worried about Marcus.

There’s a meeting between Paul and Wellsbury school discussing how there should be more money allocated to the school. Zion stands up to say there should be diversity in the curriculum, Georgia stands up to support him, and Paul is surprised and upset too. In the end, Georgia proposes an idea that amuses everyone.

Zion then introduces himself to Mr Gitten, and they both learn that Ginny dropped his AP class. Mr Gitten leaves, Georgia seems to be in a rush, and Zion follows. He asks if there’s anything, and he can always tell him. Georgia tells him she can take care of herself and leaves. Zion says he knows she can take care of herself. There’s a flashback where Georgia shoots a man in his palm.

At Joe’s restaurant, Joe tells Cynthia that he’s not returning his texts, and Cynthia says they need to talk. Just then, Gil comes in to tell Cynthia that he got the application for the apartment Cynthia recommended.  Georgia shows up and calls on Gil.

Joe tells Cynthia that he doesn’t like Gil, and Cynthia finally realizes that Joe has feelings for Georgia and is upset. She then leaves.

In class, Mr Gitten comes up with another book, but Hunter raises his hand to start with Sister Outsider and everyone in class supports him.

Cynthia is talking to other parents and notices a commotion where Gil seems to harass Georgia. She quickly goes and leaves with her.

Joe then asks Ginny if her mom is alright because, according to him, she seemed a little off. Just then, Gabriel, the detective, comes and tells Ginny he needs to talk to her about her mom’s late husband, Anthony Green.

At the Wellington, where there’s a play, Marcus requests to his parents that he sits with Ginny as they sit somewhere else. Ginny is upset as the play starts.

Joe visits Cynthia’s home to apologize to her, but Cynthia says she is okay with what happened between them. Joe then leaves.

At the play, Matt starts to touch Abby’s legs and notices that Abby is taping her legs. At Cynthia’s home, Austin and Zach are playing hide and seek. Austin goes to hide in a closet where Zach’s father is. Georgia comes in and starts to suffocate Zach’s dad with a pillow. All this is done while Austin is watching.

Georgia then tells Cynthia that ‘it’s time.’ Austin secretly leaves the closet and heads upstairs; he is clearly shaken by what he has just witnessed.

At the play, Marcus tries to hold Ginny. She gets angry and leaves. They go outside, and Ginny tells Marcus to tell her he doesn’t want to be with her. Marcus breaks up with Ginny, and she tries to beg him and leaves crying.

The play is over, and Bracia and Bryon want to go on a date. Maxine then holds Silver and kisses her. Sophie congratulates Maxine and asks her out on a date.

Marcus is back in his room, lying on his bed, and begins to narrate about his depression. Maxine joins and lies beside him. As they settle in together, they hear a gunshot.

The Episode Review

The play went really well and everyone delivered but unfortunately, the drama was happening outside. Marcus and Ginny breaking up was a long time coming. Marcus is dealing with depression; I don’t think he wants to break up with Ginny but he feels he needs to.

Depression is a real thing that many people are facing and it comes in waves. Ginny may not understand but he needs to deal with his pain first before he can be there for her. The least she can do is support him; it won’t be easy but I think they can manage to get back together.

I am happy about Byron and Bracia though, they make a cute couple as well as Maxine and Silver.

However, I am curious about the gunshot. Did Georgia kill Gil? She just came from killing Tom, doesn’t she take a rest? She is out here killing people and getting away with it. Imagine the trauma Austin has after seeing his mom kill Tom.

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