Giant Walker – All In Good Time | Album Review

giant walker all in good time album

Track List

The Fact In Fiction
Left To Wreck
Past The Peak
All We Have Is Gone


Brave and assertive, Newcastle band Giant Walker charge with authority and a sound which is dreamlike at moments, music that progresses and develops over time. All In Good Time is their startling LP, a colossal, grungy letter to the world that’s boiling over. And this album shoots for the stars at every opportunity, and the band that has created it is on to something, as they’ve blended different styles together.

The album is a progressive beast; a charged, modern take on grunge and metal. It’s hard to pigeonhole Giant Walker and that’s a good thing, as this makes the band such an enigmatic force; a trailblazer, and a diverse outfit. The vocals are finely tuned to the point of angelic, the guitar work is a technical masterclass, and overall the album wholeheartedly beats anything in the metal sector at the moment. Such an audacious claim I know, but the act deserves praise.

Giant Walker hasn’t been around for a long time, yet they’ve solidified their place in the metal division and that’s shows that perseverance pays off. The band aren’t only sufficient with their instruments but also with lyrics of pain and sorrow that really sets them apart. At moments, they suffer while they play, and it shows that they’re emotionally sincere.

All In Good Time starts off with a menacing beat. ‘The Fact In Fiction’ kickstarts the frenzied atmosphere. Those vocals blend in well, and the guitar strokes are pulsating. ‘Inertia’ opens with subtle edges and angelic vocals. It starts slowly until the instrumentals come in swiftly, creating a fine balance. Lyrically, the band looks for an escape route.

‘Past The Peak’ again shows these dreamy vocals, and the experience is gratifying. Then, as the subtlety fades, the volatility appears – it’s a wonderful track.

Giant Walker breaks the chains and does what they need to do and that’s creating empowering songs which offer grungy notes and fearlessness.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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  1. Coda is unlike anything I’ve experienced. Makes my mind think in ways I never knew. Was hooked with Past the Peak after one random play on Spotify. I had to know who it was because I knew this is something new from a rising act some where. Wasn’t shocked they hail from the UK, the UK metal scene is so diverse so many new good acts spawn from everywhere they’re so talented. Same as Australia’s metal scene. So much talent! Anyways, I stand behind your article wholeheartedly. Best album this year! Just wish for more soon! This is just the beginning for GW and they’ve already given us this gem of a debut!

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