Gamera Rebirth – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Childhood’s end

Episode 6 of Gamera Rebirth begins with the executives creating a hybrid Gyaos with the help of enhanced genetics. The infant Gyaos emerges after the death of Viras and devours Emiko. Back on the beach, Boco mourns the death of Joe while trying to pull things together to save Gamera. He persuades James to stay and help revive Gamera.

With the demise of Viras, the city feels safer as it begins to rebuild. Boco’s mother has a word with General Osborn to convince him to search for their kids. The General also fears facing legal action for the same. James manages to convince the Prime Minister to stay and help save Gamera as it’s their only defence against the kaijus.

How is Gamera revived?

The army lines up at the beach near Gamera and loads their turrets towards the sea to defend Gamera. The Prime Minister orders the country’s best scientists and experts to work on Gamera. Initially, they believe there’s nothing much they can do, but on introduction to the Orylium crystal, they agree to put in their best effort.

On analysis, they find hundreds of broken bones as well as internal bleeding, however, surgery isn’t an option given Gamera’s thick skin. The military is also briefed about the situation as they swear to protect Gamera.

At the beach, Boco sends out a voice message through their communication device, hoping for a response while revisiting some pleasant memories.

Back at the camp, the scientists analyze the Orylium as they work on a plan to revive Gamera. Just then Gamera’s heart rate begins to drop drastically and the scientists begin to panic. Just then the kids have a vision of the crystal wrapped in a rock to revive Gamera. The kids explain it to the scientists allowing them to break through and put Gamera back on the track of healing.

Which kaiju Does Gamera face after Viras?

A new development is brought to light as a hybrid Gyaos stands strong after devouring Viras. The Gyaos is so large it is unable to fly and ends up falling into the water to make its way to Gamera. Meanwhile, the scientists begin Gamera’s revival procedure and begin a speedy recovery process.

The Gyaos is encountered by the naval force and uses torpedoes to attack. The torpedoes do not manage to do significant damage but bring Gyaos up to the surface, allowing the military to take over. The military follows a coordinated strategy of attack against the Gyaos but manages to do limited damage. They also learn about the weak spot and strategies to target the throat.

The effort of the military is short-lived as they aren’t able to hold off the Gyaos for long enough. It advances toward Gamera and the Prime Minister orders everyone to retreat. In order to buy Gamera more time, Boco decides to distract the Gyaos but ultimately reaches a cliff. The adrenaline rush in Boco helps speed up the recovery process in Gamera.

Does Gamera save Boco from the Gyaos?

Just before Gyaos is about to attack Boco, Gamera fires fireballs to drive it away. Gyaos attempts to retaliate by firing back its laser but is unable to do any sort of damage. Gamera manages to overpower Gyaos and charges up for its final attack. Just then Gyaos shoots out its massive tongue into Gamera’s mouth and delivers RNA to rewrite Gamera’s configurations and turn it violent.

Gamera is left helpless as it is unable to detach. Seeing this, the commander decides to disobey orders and approach the Gyaos while firing missiles into its mouth. Just then, General Osborn and the Air Force arrive to add to the firepower, forcing Gyaos to retract its tongue. 

Gamera then begins rotating at insanely high speeds and uses its bladed shell to inflict serious damage and terminate Gyaos. Just then, Gamera falls over the burning pile of the Gyaos. Moments later, Gamera gets up and looks at Boco as its eyes turn from green to red. The board celebrates the return of Gamera to their side.

How does Boco help Gamera snap out of the Foundation’s control? 

Despite this Boco doesn’t lose faith in Gamera and has a heart-to-heart conversation expressing his trust in Gamera. Gamera has a tear in his eyes as it turns back to green. Gamera looks up at the moon and fires a beam of energy to pierce directly through the station on the moon, killing the board members. Immediately after this, Gamera begins to slowly turn to ashes and float away, leaving behind an Orylium crystal.

In due time, life started getting back to normal; however, Boco misses Joe, the one person who meant the most to him. Boco, Junichi, and Douglas clear out the things kept in their tree house. Boco leaves the communication device inside on his way out. The kids proceed to bid James farewell. Boco and the others visit the lab to see a new hatchling that looks exactly like Gamera.

The Episode Review

The final episode of Gamera Rebirth brings Season 1 to the warmest possible ending. The finale was expected to feature Viras due to the buildup to the battle between Gamera and Viras; however, Gamera ends up facing a hybrid of Gyaos after it devours Viras upon defeat. In terms of strength, Gyaos doesn’t stand a chance against Gamera and gets overpowered.

The battles between the kaijus span a decent portion of the episodes, however, aren’t fast-paced and don’t have a lot of strategic depth to them. They do manage to make the battles intense by setting up a good buildup and well-animated attacks.

Episode 6 adds a lot of value to multiple interpersonal relationships. For example, James always strives to do the right thing, highlighting his strong moral compass. The friendship between Boco and Joe is also prominently featured, illustrating their deep bond. Additionally, the connection between Gamera and Boco is emphasized, showcasing a profound and heartfelt connection. All of these elements leave a warm and fuzzy feeling in the hearts of viewers.

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