From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke – Episode 11 Recap & Review

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Episode 11 of From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke titled ‘Realization’ begins with Sawako telling Kazehaya that she doesn’t want to go to Sapparo as it would separate them. 

As everyone starts studying for their entrance exams, they don’t get to meet. Yoshida finally gets to hang out with the girls as she misses them. She says that Ryu is practising hard after which he will be away for 4 years and Sawako admires how strong she is.

Meanwhile, Yano is glad she took a break from her studying to meet them. She feels panicky as she is taking a risk and Yoshida says it is good she came out for a while. Yano says she cannot stop thinking about Pin while studying and Yoshida notices that she gets lively when she talks about him which makes her blush.

As Kazehaya studies for his entrance, he recalls Sawako saying that she doesn’t want anyone to go away. Suddenly his mother feels faint and he gets worried. His father tells him to continue with his studying as he will look after his mother and she is frustrated that he is being so hard on their son.

Sawako calls Kazehaya to talk about college but he is busy cooking for his brother as it turns out that his mother had to be hospitalised. She rushes over and brings food for them. The dad misunderstands and is upset that Kazehaya made Sawako cook and she says it is leftovers. They enjoy the meal and they thank her for her help. Before Kazehaya can help Sawako clean up, his father tells him to help with the store.

He asks if he is still serious about helping the family and Kazehaya says yes. The father points out that Kazehaya cannot even cook as he relies on Sawako. He adds that he works alone and he is not retiring soon so he doesn’t need Kazehaya’s help. Sawako overhears as she gets ready to leave and she hopes his dad will understand him. 

She then visits Kazehaya’s mother with him and brings her flowers. The mom asks after his dad and Kazehaya says he is stubborn. She says he is like his father as they both are stubborn and assume things. But when he was born, his dad wanted Kazehaya to strive and would always celebrate his achievements. She says Kazehaya does make him happy and tells him to check his father’s drawer. 

He goes home and sees that his dad would keep everything he made for him like the free shoulder massage coupon for Father’s Day even though he didn’t outwardly show any affection. His father walks in on him and asks what he is doing. Kazehaya says he wants to be a sports trainer like his father and he likes that he can help future athletes. He also wants to help his family by looking after his mother and the store.

He asks for his dad’s understanding who walks away. But he brings the massage coupon Kazehaya had made as a kid and asks him if the coupon is still valid. Since a trainer also has to massage and help athletes, he will judge if Kazehaya can be a good trainer. Kazehaya gives him a shoulder massage and while he struggles, his dad encourages him. 

He finally gives his approval and a happy Kazehaya calls and tells Sawako. They hang out and she tells him that she wanted to go to the same college as him. But seeing everyone follow their dreams, she too wants to follow hers and has decided to apply to Sapporo. He says they will be alright wherever they are and he hugs her.

Meanwhile, after giving the mock exams, Pin tells Yano that she needs a little more help to make the cut. She says he is a good teacher and admires him. She suddenly gets flustered and runs out. The girls think that Yano is acting weird and Sawako realises that she likes Pin. She tears up as she says that he is the first one to genuinely be there for her and help her. She says not to tell anyone and hopes to forget him after graduation.

It cuts to Christmas and Yoshida spends it with Ryu as they start dating. She asks about Toru coming home and then clarifies she just wants to tell him about her and Ryu. He just smiles and says he understands.

After her next mock exam, Yano runs into Pin at the mall who says he has a blind date. He smells a womanly perfume nearby and she says she is using it to help her study and sleep better. He calls her foolish and they start laughing about it. He offers to buy her a drink but realises he doesn’t have any cash.

She tells him to give her a reward which can even be an eraser after she passes and he says he will think about it. He decides to accompany her home and she asks about his blind date. He says he doesn’t feel like going and that she makes him happy.

Finally, it is D-Day and Yano gets into CIU in Tokyo but is afraid to tell Pin who waits for her all day. Yoshida calls her to congratulate her and Yano asks her to give her strength. Yano then calls Sawako for help. She says she is afraid she will cry since it might be the last time they will speak and he will know. Sawako cheers her up and Yano decides to tell him.

Pin is almost about to leave but Yano finally arrives. He thinks she didn’t pass and tells her to cheer up. She says she passed and he is relieved. He thought she didn’t make the cut because it took her so long to tell him while he was waiting for her all day. She is surprised that he waited and he is happy that she passed.

She decides to confess to him but sensing it, he tells her not to. She says she needs to move on and tells him that he is her first love. He says she is 10 years younger and calls her silly. She laughs and he tells her to go home. Before she leaves, he gives her an eraser as her reward which he had bought because he knew she would pass. He says he believes in her and congratulates her.

As for Kazehaya, he too passes his entrance exam and tells his father. The dad tells him not to be too proud and live his own life. Kazehaya then tells Sawako who runs to his place and congratulates him. He says now it is her turn and she says she will try her best.

The Episode Review

With almost all of the characters getting a storyline, fans were afraid that Yano wouldn’t get one as we are nearing the end of From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke. But it seems that the writers had reserved the last part for her. From her relationship with Kento and crush on Pin, we finally get to know more about her.

And with the drama ageing Pin even though in the manga he is in his early 20s, he could have easily turned creepy with the way he was hanging around the kids. But thankfully that wasn’t the case as he genuinely likes them and looks after them like an older brother. The adults in this show are honestly nice and caring from Toru to even Kazehaya’s father.

Kazehaya’s father gives the typical dad vibes who doesn’t show affection but secretly wishes the best for his child. And while he is strict, it comes from a place of love which after Kazehaya realises, he is able to understand his father better. Well, while the Netflix show started out as a story of Sawako’s struggles, it expanded to encompass all of the characters and allowed us to fall in love with them as well.

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