From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke – Episode 10 Recap & Review

What The Future Holds

Episode 10 of From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke begins with Kazehaya’s 18th birthday and he spends it with Sawako. She gives him a gift and writes a letter saying she will always be by his side and he is touched. 

She is later hanging out at the library and sees Kurumi with a Sapporo University brochure. She says she wants to be a teacher because she comes from a family of teachers. Sawako reveals she also wants to be a teacher and Kurumi decides to swallow her pride and ask her to tutor her because she needs help with the entrance exam.

Elsewhere, Kazehaya tells his father that he wants to go to college and become a sports trainer. The father is upset by this as he feels his son is still not serious and leaves. Kazehaya tells Sawako about it who cheers him for telling his father in the first place.

The next day, Sawako is tutoring Kurumi and Yano spots them and scoffs. Kurumi says she needs the help and Yano asks if it is scary to go down an unguaranteed path. Kurumi says it motivates her and she wants to prove herself.

Kento continues to be supportive and asks if he can help by studying with Yano. She suddenly lashes out and says she studies alone. She apologises and says she is lost. She was always going to pick a college she could get into but she is thinking about going to Tokyo. Kento looks sad but then cheers up as he says he will just have to go to Tokyo then. She says he should not change his dream because of her and he senses something is off.

At the ramen shop, Pin tells Genji that a scout from Sapporo has his eye on Ryu. Yoshida hears it and looks surprised. She, however, congratulates Ryu for winning his latest match.

At school, Yano avoids Kento and the girls ask her about it. She says she was thinking of Sapporo because that’s what everyone recommends but she wants to go to Tokyo. However, she is not sure if her relationship will survive. She finally confesses that while Kento is serious about their relationship, she is not.

She says she doesn’t know what love is. Yoshida counters that she loves them and it is enough. If she is not serious about Kento she needs to be honest. Later, Kento asks Sawako if she has seen Yano. He is sad as he feels she never liked him. Sawako says Yano thinks he is a good guy and he cheers up as he says he knows.

Elsewhere, Kazehaya comforts Yano as he tells her not to feel guilty about Kento. She has her own separate feelings and Kento has his. When she finally meets up with him, Kento breaks up with her and feels it is because of him that she was afraid of Tokyo. She says she was just worried about hurting him and that she is not a kind person.  Kento tells her that she is and she apologises for not being able to love him.

But she doesn’t regret dating him and thanks him for cherishing her. Later, Pin finds her sulking alone in class. He comforts her and she asks if he has any regrets. He says she should embrace her mistakes and learn from them. She finally decides to apply to the university in Tokyo and he wishes her good luck. However, she is still friends with Kento as they discuss her Tokyo plans and Yoshida is happy for them.

But Yoshida feels sad that she will be away from Ryu. She suddenly asks Sawako if she will ever be away from Kazehaya who looks stunned. That night, Ryu runs by Yoshida as she is going home. He stops and thanks her for always cheering him. She tears up as she says she doesn’t want him to go to Sapporo but he should. He asks if she likes him to which she says yes and runs away.

The next day, she doesn’t go to Ryu’s final high school match because if he wins he will definitely go to Sapporo. Kazehaya tells her to be positive and she asks if he would be able to support Sawako if she went away. He tells her yes and she thinks about Ryu. She feels that she should be the one to cheer him the most. 

She recalls their memories together and how she was always there for him even when things were hard. She checks the scores and Ryu’s team is 3 points behind. She starts praying to God to help him. 

After the game, he packs up and we see him using the bag that Yoshida had gifted him. She goes to him and he says his final match is over. She says it isn’t and she will cheer for him even when he plays in college. She hugs him and says she will wait for him. He kisses her and says he will be back and they can run the ramen shop together. 

Meanwhile, Sawako thinks about her friends and how they have made up their minds. She hangs out with Kazehaya and they think about their time together. He says he would love her even if she likes someone else. Even if she finds someone else in college, he will love her and she jokes that they will be in the same college. He says he knows she will go to Sapporo and she will be fine in a new place.

The Episode Review

It truly feels that From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke is almost coming to an end with the way everyone is starting to part ways and think about their future. While it is heartwarming to see how they are making up their minds and supporting each other in their decisions, it feels bittersweet. 

We finally get more insight into Yano who is such an intriguing character. From the beginning she has been the mature friend, looking after Yoshida and Sawako and being the responsible one. But we finally get to see inside her head, what she thinks about herself and others. And while she has always behaved perfectly, in this episode we see her break and introspect as she allows herself not to feel guilty over Kento and takes a leap of faith in her education.

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