Frightful Places | EP Review

Track Listing

Old Frame 
Frightful Places 
Exlund Garden 


Lyrically unnerving and striking, Frightful Places, an emo project by musician Kevin Tiernan, dramatically plays on the impact of dislocated love and the presence of ghosts. 

Such a dark listen, the lyrics drive home anecdotes which evoke and provoke, enabling images of discontent. This is an EP properly created by someone who knows the direct hit of pain and who feels the undercurrent of anger waiting to ascend and spill over.

It is a powerful EP, and it elevates the emo genre, which in truth, has taken a battering over the years. This may be because of the lack of bands utilizing their sadness, as poignancy is a trait that should be used now more than ever. The world has broken its heart on so many occasions and on this EP we’re taken through rooms where people don’t talk, where hope hangs in the balance, and daylight is shrouded by the thick coat of darkness

The talent here is ridiculous, with those lyrics being a bed for those well-rounded instrumentals and the sneer-ridden vocals. They’re not full-throttle or totally in your face. They’re there as points of value!

‘Old Frame’ starts the EP off with calm intentions until the guitar riff comes in fast. Every lyric tells a tale of sorrow and the ghosts appear from the cracks and crevices. All memory is fading quickly.

‘Still’ is an acoustic track and the beautiful lyrics are dark and discerning. The song doesn’t become lost in dramatics, but it rallies home the downsides of love.

‘Stuck’ opens with a rock twist. It’s loud and triumphant, with self-deprecation becoming a festering rot. The chorus adds bite and the guitar moments are joyous.

Frightening Places is an EP worthy of attention, showing that you don’t need breakneck music to tell your story.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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