Fluffy Paradise – Episode 1 Recap & Review

Nobody Told Me This Would Happen!

We meet 27-year-old Midori Akitsu in Fluffy Paradise Episode 1. Just before she dies, we see Midori work herself to the bone. After her death, Midori feels regret for not having fun. God decides to reincarnate her in another universe to give her another chance at life.

When God asks Midori what she wants most, she tells him that she wants to be able to pet fluffy animals to her heart’s content. She gets what she wants from God, but with it comes a heavy burden. God assures her that he will reincarnate her so that she can make the ultimate decision regarding the extinction of humans. In the land of Asdyllon, where he plans to reincarnate her, he additionally tells her that other species are being persecuted by humans.

Then Midori is born in the Gache Kingdom. This is located in Larshia, the largest of Asdyllon’s three continents. We learn that our protagonist is named Nefertima Osphe, and nicknamed Neema. She is the third born to the royal ducal family of Opshe. Following that, we meet her older siblings, Ralph and Karna, and her parents, the Duke and Duchess.

Following this, Neema is escorted to the Royal Palace by the Duchess. Surprising the prince, she forms a friendship with a tiger when she is left alone.

Following this, Neema goes with her mum to watch her siblings compete in a magic academy competition. At this point, the prince steps in to protect Ralph from her bully, Tristan, who is a classmate. Following this, he employs her as his plaything.

Not long after that, Neema’s elder sister Karna is challenged to fight a fire dragon as part of a competition. The episode concludes with Neema making her way to the dragon to save her sister from it.

The Episode Review

The show’s protagonist, Neema, and the events leading up to her rebirth are established in the first episode. We meet her new family—the Duke and Duchess, her parents, and her siblings—after her reincarnation.

Reincarnation plots have been popping up in anime lately. However, this plot is quite unique; it’s captivating and endearing all at the same time. With its intriguing plot and memorable characters, the episode holds your attention throughout.

It will be fascinating to watch what the rest of the show has in store for us after its fantastic beginning.


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