Fishbowl Wives – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Headache Wife Part 2

Episode 6 of Fishbowl Wives begins with Haruto waking up like normal. Only this time, there’s no Sakura. She also hasn’t returned to Takuya either… so where is she? Well, it turns out she’s working in a little salon in the countryside. Masako finds out and drops by Haruto’s with an address showing where she’s staying, understanding that she’s special to him.

Meanwhile, Hisako is still suffering from her headaches. After sleeping with Baba, she’s unsettled and struggling to focus. At the dinner table, her son Yuta looks up and tells her he knows her secret. And lo and behold, he actually saw her leaving Baba’s after a lovemaking session earlier in the timeline.

Off the back of this, Hisako makes a bold decision and chooses to break things off with Baba.

The thing is, Hisako is suffering from dissociative disorder, a form of amnesia that’s stemmed from extreme stress. It seems her husband actually cheated on her (which explains Baba’s story too) but she believes she’s cheating on her husband without realizing that it’s actually him.

Yuta shows up to see her father and reveals all of this, as they contemplate whether to tell her the truth or keep things as they are. Yuta wants them to be a couple again, leaving Baba with a big choice to make.

Eventually Hisako shows up at the goldfish shop where Baba happens to be quizzing Haruto over his fish, which isn’t doing too well. It’s here Baba speaks the truth and tells her his real name is actually Taguchi Takuzo. The picture Hisako has found in Yuta’s room happens to be from when the trio went to a summer event for goldfish scooping. He sincerely apologizes to her, and the pair reconvene and decide to make a go of their relationship after all.

Elsewhere, Takuya tracks down Sakura and heads over to see her. He tells Sakura not to be stubborn and come home, even offering her the salon and promising to be better with her. Instead, Sakura demands he bring over divorce papers. She’s had enough and this relationship is now over.

Takuya is livid and grabs a knife, threatening her. After smacking Sakura in the face, things take a nasty turn as he pins her down to the ground. She screams and flails but it’s no good. This does not look like it’s going to end well.

Meanwhile, Haruto drives up to Sakura’s place… will he make it there in time?

The Episode Review

Fishbowl Wives delivers an intriguing follow-up to the first part, this time diving into Hisako’s amnesia and seeing their family get back together. It’s a nice little twist, and it’s good to see Yuta given a good amount of screen-time through this as well, showing his side of things.

Meanwhile, the situation involving Takuya takes a nasty turn as he tracks down Sakura and demands she head back home. The thing is, she’s not afraid anymore and that’s, unfortunately, only causing more issues for Sakura as her abusive husband loses his temper.

With the episode ending on a cliffhanger, everything is left hanging in the balance for the next episode as Sakura’s fate is unknown.

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