Fishbowl Wives – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Headache Wife Part 1

Episode 5 of Fishbowl Wives begins with a woman named Masako showing up at the goldfish shop. She wants to speak to Haruto privately, as Sakura is left alone.

She’s there on behalf of Kazama Holdings, the company his father owns. Unfortunately, Takuya has shown up with the pictures and unsettling the family by showing them off. Given Sakura and Takuya are a high-profile couple, and his father is strict with his work, this is bad news.

Meanwhile, Hisaku heads out walking her dog but she loses her and rushes after the mutt. A stranger picks her up and as Hisaku starts suffering from nasty headaches, he takes her back to his apartment. It’s here we learn this man’s name is Baba. He doesn’t have a family or a job but he used to live in a high-rise apartment. That is, until he was found cheating.

While Hisaku is recovering, Baba leans in and kisses her. She kisses back, leading the pair to start getting intimate… until Hisaku pulls away. She tells him she has a husband and kids, hurrying away with Puu and going back home. The thing is, she can’t stop thinking about him.

So naturally, Hisaku visits the shaman. She believes Hisako is suffering from a lot of stress and the headaches are a sign and she needs to listen to what it’s trying to tell her.

At the goldfish shop, Ran shows up and continues stirring drama, She mentions how Masako is Haruto’s ex girlfriend, going on to decide this is a wonderful chance for them to get back together. Ran doesn’t stick around, but it’s clear this is a ploy to unsettle Sakura.

The thing is, Haruto too is unsettled. After seeing the images in the magazine and realizing how high-profile Sakura actually is, he’s beginning to doubt the validity of their relationship. Sakura even gives him a haircut on the rooftop too, which compounds his conflicted feelings further.

Haruto’s father eventually shows up to see her son. There, he divulges everything that’s happened so far, demanding to know what Haruto is going to do about this. When he scoffs at Haruto’s silence, Sakura speaks up about his kindness and how Haruto helped him out in a really difficult spot.

In order to prevent any issues from now on, Sakura decides to leave the shop for good. She even lies to Haruto’s father, telling the old man that there wasn’t anything serious between her and Haruto.

When Sakura leaves, Ran speaks to Haruto, learning that it was her that jumped in and saved her from the shattered glass.

The Episode Review

I mentioned last episode about the stagnation for Haruto and Sakura’s relationship butt this episode finally sees some movement on that. The bombshell reveal that Takuya has gone to Haruto’s father and admitted everything is a massive hammer blow and something that’s ultimately resulted in the pair going their separate ways.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of drama involving Hisaku, and after kissing Baba it’ll be interesting to see where that goes next, given this is a two-part episode.

Either way though, Fishbowl Wives is just starting to crank up the drama, leaving lots of question marks over what direction this one will take next.

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