Fire Force – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review


A New Challenge

Fire Force is back and after a couple of explosive episodes, everything starts to simmer down a bit. This episode ultimately acts as a bridging gap between the city fight for Inca and a new quest to find the rest of the Pillars. While still enjoyable, the episode also lacks the same intensity we’ve seen so much of this season.

Episode 5 of Fire Force season 2 begins with Charon and Haumea making their move and taking Inca away. As they grab the fifth pillar, Shinra pleads with Inca to channel those powers and use it to free herself. Unfortunately, she doesn’t see any lines like usual, meaning her ability must be predicting the future for her. That future being leaving without causing any resistance.

Shinra refuses to take this lying down though and shows her the devastation to the city caused by their foes. It’s not enough to convince her though and Inca eventually leaves. As she turns back and looks at a bruised and beaten Shinra, she tells him she’ll be waiting.

Only, Inca is far from sane. In an alleyway she uses her powers again “as fate intended” and burns a man alive.

A defeated Shinra heads back to the others but his disappointment soon turns to gratefulness when he hears praise from the crowd. It’s a fleeting moment of happiness but one that’s backed up by the 8th determined to be better going forward.

In order to do so, they decide to launch a research expedition. Not only will they be finding out about the Adolla bursts, they’ll also be learning about the Evangelists too. As it turns out, if all 8 are gathered together it could cause a disaster so great that it would cause the maps to be rewritten thanks to its destructive power.

Their first destination? The Chinese Peninsula outside Tokyo. A pumped up Shinra readies himself to board the ocean liner down by the docks, along with all our familiar 8th faces. There’s also a few stragglers from other divisions too, including Juggernaut. As they head off, they ready themselves for the next adventure.

The Episode Review

With an episode focused on changing the setting and bridging the gap between two areas, Fire Force still manages to deliver some decent characterisation in the meantime. For  There’s lots to like with this anime and the animation in particular is just as strong here as it has been all season long.

Quite what the future holds for our characters remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure – Fire Force is a highly enjoyable anime well worth watching.


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