Fire Force – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Fire Force Season 2 wastes little time picking up from the agonizing cliffhanger last time out and producing another dizzying, fiery episode of non-stop action. There’s some great moments here too and all of this crescendos into a team triumph against the Demon Infernal ravaging the city.

To backtrack though, the episode begins with Haumea and Charon communicating telepathically. Both find themselves fighting their own battles though, as Arthur and Haumea continue to skirmish. Shinra meanwhile, is completely manhandled by Charon. hE manages to use his explosive pyro-kinetic energy to thwart Shinra’s every move.

As Shinra thinks over everything he’s seen from this Evangelist thus far, Shinra asks what generation he is and receives a knowing grin for his troubles. It turns out, Charon’s actually a second generational. Realizing that any attack will hit back at him, Shinra decides against outright striking the fiend. Instead, Charon uses his goons to beat him down and produce a kamehameha shock-wave (or Stamp as Charon calls it here!)

Still reeling from the blast, Shinra bites back and decides to knock his foe flat on his back using the Corna Sign. After being beaten down time and time again, Shinra finally manages to use the flames successfully and sends Charon sprawling through the air.

With the city still reeling from the attacks, Lieutenant Karim uses ice to freeze the Demon Infernal and buy them a bit of time. However, this doesn’t last for long as the demon breaks free and pummels the Force with monstrous flames.

Eventually the group come up with an idea to use all the flames around town and gather them into one open area. If they can do that together in the Central Square and use a combination of wind and water, it should allow Maki to hit the Infernal with their pièce de résistance  – a firestorm.

As Maki conjures the tornado, the Demon Infernal is brought to the Square but it won’t budge from its spot. After some issues from Captain Obi in his truck, the Infernal finally finds itself engulfed in the firestorm. As it spins out of control and rises high in the air, the group work together and manage to kill two birds with one stone – stopping the fire and also making swift work of the Infernal, which explodes in mid-air.

With the city saved for now, all eyes turn to the Evangelist’s goons. As Shinra sees what the rest of the Fire Force have managed to achieve, Charon commends Shinra for being the only person able to genuinely hurt him. Smiling, Shinra rises up and looks set to engage in round 2, which is where the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Much like last week’s episode, Fire Force really steps it up a gear to deliver a non-stop thrill ride of action. The real stand-out moment though comes from the way the Force worked together to tackle the Infernal. Seeing all the Company members using their powers to thwart the Infernal is a great touch and one that works really well.

This is especially true given t’s back-dropped by the first half of the episode which sees Charon and Shinra fighting toe to toe. Aside from the cheeky kamehameha blast, the two are obviously evenly matched and it’ll be interesting to see where the show goes with that story from here.

Fire Force also leaves the door wide open for next week’s episode given we receive yet another big cliffhanger. The focus this season has clearly been all about the action too, and it really helps show off the much-improved animation.

Quite what will happen next, remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure – you won’t want to miss it!


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