Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth – How to attack and beat flying enemies

Final Fantasy is the latest action RPG that looks set to take the crown for Game Of The Year 2024. It has already won an award for being the most anticipated game of the year, and if it manages to replicate the gameplay seen in the first part, we could be onto a winner here.

Whilst playing through this much more vibrant open world, you’re likely to come across flying enemies. But how do you kill these foes? Here’s everything you need to know:

How can Cloud melee attack flying enemies?

Winged foes require a slightly different strategy to grounded foes, which can be different depending on which character you’re controlling. When it comes t Cloud, his best bet is using melee strikes.

First, you want to make sure you target a flying enemy by pressing R3. Then, use Evade (O) and Attack (Square) to close the gap and start an aerial strike.

Aerial attacks can be extended by continuing to evade and by chaining your attack combos together. Should your ATB meter fill while airborne, you can also use Unique Abilities like Triple Slash and Braver to deal extra damage.

How can Tifa reach enemies in the air?

In order to get Tifa up to the right spot, you’ll need to use a Synergy Skill to close the gap. By holding R1 and pressing one of the attack buttons, you can use either Soaring Flurry (with Cloud or Red XIII) or Heavenly Ascent (with Barrett or Aerith) to get up there.

Then you can use Tifa to hit melee strikes with Square repeatedly.

What about everyone else?

The most effective way of taking out flying enemies is simply with magic and other Materia-based attacks. This will help you keep a distance and also hit with a good deal of damage.

However, on that same note it’s a good idea to avoid use any Ice magic. Just like in Remake, the animation takes a while to load and flying enemies tend to move about a fair amount. By the time you’ve cast Blizzard, Blizzara or Blizzaga, the enemy may be in a completely different spot. For that reason, we’d recommend using Thunder or Fire instead.

Of course, you can also opt for Summon abilities and using Unique Abilities to really make the most amount of these fights too. Flying enemies are certainly a bit of a pain, but with some good tactical know-how and utilizing your party effectively, you’ll be able to take them out in no time.

Are you excited to dive in and play through Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? The game launches on the PlayStation 5 on February 29th 2024.

You can also check out our full coverage of this game within our FF7 Rebirth Game Guide & Walkthrough here!

1 thought on “Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth – How to attack and beat flying enemies”

  1. The demo did highlight Flying enemies, hope there will not be too many as in the demo on the final game. My only issue is that Red XIII is completely useless against such enemies, you cannot even build an ATB bar with him to cast magic.

    If Red XIII is in your party, it will only be able to help once you pressure or staggered the flying enemy with other members. Making you decide on a more suitable character for aerial battles and avoiding all the coolness of Red XIII.

    You can easily change between preformed party setups with R1, but with the great amount of flying enemies in the Demo, I worry you will probably use a party with Red XIII like 10% of the time. 🙁

    Regarding Tifa, once in the Air, she cannot dodge and keep in the Air pressuring like Cloud. She just returned to the ground. The synergy skill that brings her up to the air again is kind of slow making it not a good option to use her to deal with Flying enemies as well.

    For me, in the end, the game gives you 5 characters but just wants you to play with Cloud, Barret, and Aerith.
    Kind of disappointed with that. My Struggles weren’t with the aerial combat per se but with the uselessness of my favorite characters in dealing with them.

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