FBI: International – Season 2 Episode 10 “BHITW” Recap & Review


Episode 10 of FBI: International Season 2 starts with a basketball team at practice in Belgrade, Serbia. One of the players is excited about the night. Once the night rolls by, the team celebrate in style and seemingly has a good time.

They arrive at a bar and a woman approaches the player who was excited about the night’s plans and asks how he can celebrate at a time like this. She walks off angrily and the team decides to drive to the next spot looking to have more fun. We learn they are celebrating Derrin’s bachelor’s party.

They get to a strip club and Derrin decides to get a private lap dance from one of the strippers. She ushers him to a room away from the rest of the group. One of the players, Bryan Moncrief realizes something is off and tries to get to Derrin. The bouncers try to stop him but he makes his way in and finds Derrin passed out on the floor. He tries to help him but other bouncers arrive at the scene and start heavily attacking him.

In Budapest, Kellet notices that Forrester has been strangely quiet since he got back. She asks him if there is a problem but he lies that everything is okay. Raines runs into them as they head into the office. He is curious to know about the new agent Vo texted about. Forrester and Kellet are surprised to learn about this.

Inside the office, Dandridge introduces the team to Agent Zoey McKenna. Forrester asks to speak to him privately and tells him he has no right to bring in a new agent without informing him. Dandrige tells him that it doesn’t matter since Forrester is supposed to leave in a week’s time.

Forrester insists that Dandridge has no power to relocate him. Dandridge warns him that the order is coming from above and should he make it harder, he will tear the Fly team apart and demote them.  He asks Forrester to sign his transfer papers and return them immediately.

They head out for the case briefing and Dandridge is dismissed. Forrester asks Zoey why she is joining the team and she claims she is there to learn. Forrester asks Vo to stay back and give them technical support as they might not get it in Belgrade.

In Belgrade, the team is welcomed by Lieutenant  Mirko Obradovic. Kellet asks about Bryan who has been falsely accused of threatening and brandishing a knife at the club. Obradovic insists that they will not give Bryan any special treatment because he is a celebrity. Kellet asks to pair up with Zoey. She asks Zoey if she has an ulterior motive or knows what is going on between Dandridge and Forrester. Zoey says she doesn’t know but Kellet tells her that her body language signals that she is lying.

Forrester interrogates Bryan in his cell while Raines and Smitty visit Derrin at the hospital and get an update on his status. They believe Derrin was drugged at the club. The doctors don’t think he was given rufie but something else and are currently waiting on a toxicology report. Derrin also has a pre-existing heart condition and it is possible he simply had a cardiac arrest. However, that is highly unlikely.

Raines and Smitty interview Derrin’s agent and his fiancee, CiCi Pryor who might have a motive to kill Derrin since he called off the wedding.  At the prison cell, Bryan tells Forrester he is being framed and asks about Derrin’s condition. Forrester inquires if he knew about Derrin’s heart condition and Bryan claims he didn’t. Forrester gets a call that Derrin died in the hospital and shares the news with Bryan who is devastated.

Kellet and Zoey visit the club and talk to the bouncers. One of the bouncers insinuates that the club is protected. They get back to the office and ask Obradovic but he is reluctant to help. Smitty makes a call to get him to cooperate while Vo calls Kellet to inform the team about the party promoter who organized the bachelor’s party.

Milos Zoran, the party promoter has a sketchy history. He brings his clients to the club and they later end up drugged and robbed. Obradovic gets a call from his supervisor and joins Kellet and Zoey to force Zoran to speak up about who he is working with. Zoran has been working with a mobster group to rob his clients.  The team hits the club guns blazing and arrests the parties involved. The bouncers admit that Byran is innocent and he is set free.

After hearing rumours from her Interpol contacts, Smitty asks the truth from Forrester and is saddened to hear he is moving on from the team. She wanted to work with Forrester because he is the best agent she has had the privilege to work with.

Later, Forrester breaks the news of his transfer to Kellet and admits that he made Dandridge look irrelevant and he is getting back at him for that. Kellet thinks Zoey is Dandridge’s spy but Forrester asks her to keep his transfer and Zoey’s ulterior motives a secret.

The toxicology comes back and it proves Derrin was murdered. Someone spiked his drink with Adderall to trigger his heart condition. Zoey takes a look at the toxicology report and learns that Derrin was given a drug similar to Adderall but stronger. The only one who might have had access to the drug is the team trainer, Noah who hails from Switzerland where the drug is available.

Forrester takes Zoey to follow up on the lead and talk to Noah. Noah tells them that Bryan asked him to get the drugs and Obradovic finds a bottle of the drugs in Bryan’s gym bag. Bryan insists he is being set up and Forrester believes him. Obradovic decides that the case is over and wants the team gone.

Raines also believes Bryan and they investigate further, Kellet thinks they should focus on who benefits the most from Derrin’s death. The only possible suspect is Bogdon, they orchestrate a way to listen in to Noah and Bogdon and record their conversation where they admit to planning Derrin’s murder and framing Bryan. The team moves in to arrest them and release Byran.

Zoey thanks Forrester for not freezing her out during the case. Byran’s conversation with Forrester gives him the courage to go against Dandridge. He returns the transfer papers to Dandridge without his signature. He also tells Danridge that he is not leaving without a fight.

The Episode Review

Forrester and Bryan understood each other. They are both being pushed out of their team but are willing to fight back with the truth.

I am glad Forrester is fighting back but Dandridge will do his best to destroy the Fly team to get back at him. This bureaucratic fight between the team and their boss is getting old, we need to let it go now.

I hope the writers come up with better villains for the team other than their ego-driven bosses who aren’t happy about the team’s success.

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