FBI: International – Season 2 Episode 11 “Someone She Knew” Recap & Review

Someone She Knew

Episode 11 of FBI: International Season 2 starts with Dandridge telling a story over dinner to Kellet, Vo and Raines. The main lesson in his long story is that loyalty is a fool’s virtue and the team should reconsider their loyalty to Forrester. He tells them if they wish to stay loyal to Forrester, they can follow him out the door.

Elsewhere, in Gänserndorf, Austria, a young girl barges into a store and tries to explain to the lady at the counter that her name is Katie Marsh and that she was kidnapped. Unfortunately, the old lady doesn’t understand English and asks Katie to wait while she calls for her granddaughter from the back of the store. Katie’s kidnapper catches up to her so she leaves her ring behind after licking it to purposely leave her DNA. The old lady comes back with her granddaughter but Katie is long gone.

Back in Budapest, Kellet asks to talk to Forrester and the team apart from McKenna. They ask him what his plan is. Forrester tells them that he is doing his best to fight back and calling in all favours.  He has no plans to give up. McKenna interrupts them and informs them they have a case. Forrester asks them to give McKenna a chance even though they consider her Dandridge’s spy.

McKenna briefs them on the Katie Marsh case, she disappeared in 2012. DC sent in a photo of an aged based on childhood pictures and they agree the girl at the store fits the description. Forrester asks them to tread carefully to make sure this “resurrected” Katie is not an impostor. They head to Austria and McKenna asks to assist in the case to which Forrester agrees.

Upon arriving in Austria, they are welcomed by Chief Kaufmann who introduces them to detective Saunders who he believes is their colleague. He was part of the 2012 investigation but he was fired for not giving up on the case. He is also married to Katie’s mom and he never believed Katie is dead. Forrester only finds this out later on but chooses to keep him on the case because he was invested like them.

In the meantime, a forensic report on the ring left behind proves that the girl is Katie and Forrester asks everyone to keep the investigation about the case quiet to avoid the media alerting the culprit. Forrester and Smitty head to the store and the granddaughter tells them about a grey van she saw.  As they leave the store, Smitty asks Forrester to have a plan on how to deal with Dandridge.

Raines and Vo check surveillance cameras around the store and see an ambulance checking into a motel nearby. The motel called an ambulance due to some emergency medical situation. They head to the clinic to speak to the paramedics to ask if they saw anything suspicious. The paramedic tells them that they treated a girl at the motel.

He found it odd how the father kept calling his daughter  “girl” and refused to take the girl to the hospital for supervision. Unfortunately, in Austria, paramedics can’t override parental consent. They head to the motel and get surveillance footage.  They see Katie with her kidnapper and a second victim who was treated by the paramedics.

On the other hand, Kellet and Forrester visit Allison Saunders, Katie’s mom to see what she remembers from the kidnapping. Keith Saunders believes Katie was taken by someone she knew and has been trying to narrow down a suspect list.

Now, with clear footage of the kidnapper, they dig deeper and find out that the man is Otto Lang and he has dual citizenship. They head to his address in Austria but there are already in the wind. This is because Dandridge once again chose to ignore Forrester’s protocol and did a press conference.

Forrester confronts him but Dandridge has already publicly come out as a hero and his bosses are happy with him.  Forrester also wonders how Dandridge found out about them closing in on Otto. Forrester asks McKenna to pick a side and choose who she wants to lead her. He is hoping she will tell him how  Dandridge has been ahead of them.

They search Otto’s house hoping Katie left another message for them but they dont get much. Based on Otto’s past, they believe that he will lay low instead of fleeing. Dandridge insists that Otto is on the run and takes the team to intercept a lead on Otto’s car.

Forrester decides to pursue his instincts and digs deeper into Otto. He finds a cabin that has been under’s Otto’s family and decides to check it out. In the meantime, the lead on Otto’s car proves to be a dead lead. He exchanged his car with a young clueless man.

Luckily, Forrester was right, he finds Katie and the second victim. There is a struggle with Otto but he manages to subdue him and rescue the girls. He calls for back up and the team arrives, as expected Dandridge takes the credit for saving the girls. He sure is shameless!

Katie is reunited with her mom and she asks her to adopt the second victim, Clara who is now an orphan. Clara’s mom died after she was kidnapped and Clara has no next of kin. Keith and Katie’s mom agree that it is the best option and start filing the adoption papers.

McKenna decides she is on team Forrester and reports Dandridge to his superiors for issuing an unauthorized wiretap on Forrester’s phone. His superiors order Dandridge to report back to Washington and have a word with the Office of Professional Responsibility. They put Forrester back in charge of the Fly team.

The team heads out for drinks to celebrate and invites McKenna who tells them she is leaving but will be back.

The Episode Review

Finally, we are done with Dandridge and his misuse of power. The Fly team survived yet another bureaucratic war against them. McKenna switching sides was the best part, Dandridge’s shocked face said it all.

I am looking forward to the next takedown because we all know someone will still try to mess with the team.

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