Family Secrets – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Big Pregnancy

Episode 5 of Family Secrets begins with a flashback of Marek and Malgosia on a fun date. Afterwards, Marek tells Malgosia that he is leaving for a job in Bieszczady and that maybe they should consider divorce. Malgosia doesn’t want him to take the job offer and she is angry about his decision.

In the present, Kaśka is happy to see her dad at her wedding but Malgosia is livid. On the other hand, Dorota has had enough of the mayhem and wants to leave. The priest is worried that Janeczek and Kaśka have no respect for the church and wants to reschedule the wedding to another date. Kaśka’s grandmother steps in and bribes the priest to continue the ceremony.

Dorota is trying to convince Janeczek to call off the wedding and Malgosia overhears the conversation. This starts a fight between the two ladies and the issue of Emil and Malgosia’s affair arises. The constant fighting and arguments make Janeczek angry and he orders everyone to sit and shut up so that the wedding can proceed.

Unfortunately, everyone is curious about the affair. This is the first time Marek is hearing about it and is not going to let it go. Malgosia’s mother also wants to know what led to the affair.

The ceremony is officially underway and Kaśka experiences a flashback of her and Pawel eight months ago when he brought up marriage. Kaśka is not ready for marriage and says they should graduate school first.

Later, Kaśka goes to the doctor to get a prescription for birth control pills and learns that she is pregnant. She still is processing the news when Pawel proposes, just as they have dinner with his dad. Kaśka feels pressure from the proposal and asks him why he would do so when she had clearly stated she needed some time. They argue and she asks him to leave her alone and walks away.

Following their break up, they ignore each other at school and Kaśka refuses to pick up his calls. After talking to Alicjya about her break up, Kaśka visits and tries to tell him she is pregnant but in the end, decides not to. She tells him that maybe they should not ignore each other and Pawel says it will be fine.

The next morning at school, Pawel wants to know Kaśka’s answer to his marriage proposal. After class, Kaśka goes to look for Pawel to talk to and sees him kissing Dorota. She rushes out crying and doesn’t confront him.

Days later Pawel is not showing up to class and Kaśka is worried, trying to find information on his whereabouts. She runs into Emil and he tells her that he has information on Pawel. Emil tells Kaśka that he knows about Dorota’s affair with Pawel. He says that he initially thought it was a casual affair but it turned out to be deeper than that. He says he thinks Pawel might be in love with Dorota as well. He also says that Pawel is not missing but he is probably hiding with the help of his wife.

Janeczek misunderstands seeing Kaśka with his dad and confronts her about it. Remember this is happening in a flashback. At this point, Kaśka and Janeczek were not together. Kaśka explains that they were talking about her missing ex-boyfriend. She also tells him about his mom’s affair with Pawel.

Janeczek is curious if Kaśka is looking for revenge and she gets angry and lashes out at him. He also gets upset and blames her for the current situation between his parents and leaves. 

Once again, at the wedding, Kaśka walks out in the middle of the wedding. Marek and Malgosia try to talk to her and assure her that she can leave if she wants to but they end up arguing. Dorota uses this opportunity to plead with Janeczek to stop the wedding. They get into a heated argument and she faints. Seriously, how many people will faint at this wedding?

The Episode Review

This episode gave us the backstory of what happened at the end of Kaśka and Pawel’s relationship. We still don’t know where Pawel is, if he is the father of the child and if he knew of the pregnancy. 

There are still three episodes left and we can now piece parts of the puzzle together. I am curious to see what is holding Kaśka back, why she can’t commit to the wedding, and why Janeczek is determined to go through with it. 

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