Family Secrets – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Double Date

Episode 4 of Family Secrets begins where we left off with Janeczek dragging the new guest out of the church. The stress is getting to Kaśka who is starting to experience cramps and the priest is so overwhelmed by all the mess, that he faints. Can you blame him though?

Outside the church, Janeczek and the guest are going at each other. Instead of stopping the fight, Emil is egging Janeczek on and Dorota is losing her patience. The other guests are enjoying the show as they put on the most pathetic fighting show ever. 

The scene cuts to a flashback of nine months ago when Emil makes  Janeczek a partner at his clinic. Janeczek is not happy about it and vents to his then-girlfriend Anka who tells him that his dad is right. This upsets him further and he goes out drinking. This is how he met Robert who is still grieving his parents. After a wild night of drinking, he goes back to Anka’s place and she ends their relationship and kicks him out.

The next day, he makes a mistake in surgery and is forced out of the operation room. He is frustrated and tries to patch things with Anka but is chased away by David (the new guest he is fighting at the wedding). He heads over to Robert’s place and advises him to clean up his mess.

At the wedding, the fight is over and everyone is wondering about the reason for the fight. As it turns out this is their second fight. They once fought at Kaśka’s place when Janeczek showed up uninvited. David and Kaśka live together and are good friends. Later, Janeczek confides in Robert that he is drawn to Kaśka and Robert asks him to tread carefully as she is his girlfriend’s sister. 

He invites Janeszek to Fabrycyzna where he is meeting Alicjya and Kaśka. Janeczek and Kaśka don’t necessarily get along well but they exchange numbers. Kaśka later calls him and goes to meet him and Robert’s parent’s home outside the city. Janeczek had gone there to clear his mind and they end up having sex. After this she ghosts him for a while, leaving Alicjya and Robert in a tight spot.

Later, Kaśka tells her sister that she is seeing Janeczek and Alicjya is taken aback by this news. She thinks Kaśka is using Janeczek to get back at Pawel but Kaśka denies it. They also argue about their parents. 

After a few trials, Janeczek is finally able to meet with Kaśka and they go for a double date with Alicjya and Robert. On the date, Robert accidentally tells Janeczek that  Kaśka is pregnant. Janeczek is elated to hear this and automatically assumes he is responsible for the pregnancy

At the wedding, Janeczek apologizes for the fight with David. Kaśka’s dad arrives and the wedding looks like it might get back on track.

The Episode Review

The twists in this series are over-exaggerated – but it works. There is always a surprise in each episode and viewers can never quite figure out what or who will show up next.

At this point, the wedding is like Russian roulette. This is probably one of the most chaotic weddings on television. From the start of the series, we are still waiting to see the couple say their dos and drive off into the bliss of marriage.

This episode didn’t give us the answer to the most burning question, What happened to Pawel?

It however helped us understand Janeczek and Kaśka’s relationship. We got to see how it started and what led them to the altar. The question is will they survive this chaotic wedding?

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