Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 13 “Single White Dad” Recap & Review

Family Guy Latest Episode Review and Recap

Single White Dad

Peter is introducing Chris to a vintage video game called Donkey Kong as episode 13 of Family Guy season 21 starts. While Peter is enjoying it, Chris finds it an incredible waste of time. Chris suggests they should make a Donkey Kong house instead, and as expected, the father/son duo start building one. While playing the game in real life, Peter rolls down a barrel that fractures Lois’ right foot. Post surgery, the doctor advises bedrest for a week.

As a result, Peter is in charge of the house and taking care of the kids. Proven failure at parenting, Peter is just about getting the job done no matter how. Peter goes to a coffee shop with Stewie, and people around take Peter to be a single parent whose wife passed away. Within a moment, Peter realizes the perks of being a single parent, and is more than happy to pretend to be a widower and a single parent. People are nice to him, he gets what he wants, and it’s smooth – pretty much all to make a mid-aged man happy.

After seeing Peter changing Stewie’s diaper in the park, a single mom named Becky walks over and asks Peter for a playdate. With no hesitation, Peter accepts, and starts seeing the woman behind Lois’ back. His motivation: Free popcorn that Becky gives him. The two share a kiss, but Peter doesn’t want anything more than popcorn. While Peter is getting ready to send a breakup message, Becky pays him a visit.

Peter has to work hard now to make sure Lois and his accidental mistress don’t see each other. Despite his best efforts, Lois and Becky eventually bump into each other, and Peter, the culprit, is caught between them. The situation could’ve gone haywire, but Peter as usual turns everything right with his typical climactic emotional speech – this time about mothers being a hero. Peter remarks, “everything is back to normal”.

The Episode Review

Hands down, the latest Family Guy episode is one of the funniest this season thus far. The story is good, of course, but what’s more interesting is all those small related/unrelated bits here and there. Peter is great to watch, and cameos from Stewie and Brian jazz up the run.

Given the way Family Guy has improved its stories lately, hopefully the second half of the season is going to be awesome!

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