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Uncovered Secrets

Family: The Unbreakable Bond episode 8 starts with Chief Oh getting startled from her sleep. It seems like she was dreaming, and we see the same tattoo that was on Carly Young is actually on Chief Oh’s chest! Chief Oh then remembers a battle she was in while working for MGD when she was younger. It turns out she was the teenager the little boy and girl saw hitting another in the last episode.

This episode also reveals that the little girl was Yoo-Ra, and she was labelled as “#27.” And the little boy was Tae-Gu, who was labelled as “#19.” Chief Oh was labelled as “#35.” These numbers were on their jackets.

Back to the present, Yoo-Ra tries to stab Tae-Gu. They start fighting, and Yoo-Ra stabs Tae-Gu, but not too much. They continue fighting, and a vase accidentally drops. However, Tae-Gu catches it before it hits the ground. He asks Yoo-Ra if she’s afraid Min-Seo might wake up. They continue fighting, and Tae-Gu overpowers Yoo-Ra.

Meanwhile, Do-Hoon meets Butterfly at her tattoo shop/house. Butterfly tells him that Chief Oh was among the kids trained by MGD. It turns out Chief Oh ran away from her missionary father, and that’s how she ended up in MGD. Do-Hoon asks Butterfly if he should believe her story, and she tells him he doesn’t care as she just wants her daughter and granddaughter back, as Chief Oh took them away from her.

Later, Do-Hoon wonders if Chief Oh knows what happened to the other kids in the photo Butterfly gave her of the children trained by MGD.

At Do-Hoon’s house, Yoo-Ra has been overpowered by Tae-Gu. He then gives her a card similar to the one Chief Oh had in her safe. Tae-Gu then tells Yoo-Ra she has two days to kill Butterfly. Yoo-Ra then tells Tae-Gu to keep his promise he made to leave her alone once she kills Wolfe, but he ignores her.

The next day, Yoo-Ra helps Woong-So pack for his Qingdao trip. As he’s leaving, he tells Yoo-Ra about how he promised Tae-Gu (remember everyone else still thinks Tae-Gu is Yoo-Ra’s cousin) to show him around. But, Yoo-Ra assures him she’ll take of Tae-Gu.

At Do-Hoon’s house, Do-Hoon is helping Min-Seo pack as well. Yoo-Ra sent her on a trip to Jeju Island with Ji-Hoon and Mi-Rim. Yoo-Ra comes to see them off and tells Do-Hoon not to worry if she doesn’t pick up his calls that day because she’ll be busy. Meanwhile, Ji-Hoon and Mi-Rim ask the cab driver driving them to the airport that they’re changing their destination.

At Yoo-Ra’s café, Yoo-Ra remembers Tae-Gu ordering her to kill Butterfly and how he ignored her when she asked him to keep his promise to leave her alone once Yoo-Ra kills Wolfe. She then remembers what she was taught when being trained as a sniper by MGD.

Later, Yoo-Ra follows Butterfly and picks a nearby building where she’ll shoot Butterfly when she returns to that location again. At the NIS headquarters, Do-Hoon starts taking pictures of Chief Oh and jokes about quitting and taking a job as a photographer because his salary has been reduced. But, what Do-Hoon was actually doing was getting images of Chief Oh so he could send them to a friend to compare with the kids in the photo Butterfly gave him earlier. That way, he’ll know whether or not Chief Oh is in that photo, proving that she was in the MGD.

Do-Hoon then follows Chief Oh to what seems like a secret interrogation room. There, Chief Oh interrogates the MGD killer Shadow captured in Hwacha’s residence in the last episode. When he refuses to open up, Chief Oh shows him her MGD tattoo.

This encourages him to open up, and he tells Chief Oh all about Tae-Gu. Chief Oh then asks the NIS to start an investigation Tae-Gu. Meanwhile, Tae-Gu is in what seems like a hotel room, looking at pictures of Chief Oh. He may be spying on her.

Chief goes shopping at a store, and Do-Hoon follows her. Do-Hoon then concludes Chief Oh is shopping for Butterfly’s daughter and granddaughter, so he texts Butterfly to inform her that they are safe. Do-Hoon’s friend, whom he asked to check if Chief Oh is really in the photo Butterfly gave him, calls him and confirms that Chief Oh is really in that photo.

Ji-Hoon, Mi-Rim, and Min-Seo call Yoo-Ra to inform her they’ve arrived at Jeju Island. But they didn’t go to Jeju Island. Instead, they returned to Woong-So’s house and put up a banner that made them look like they were in Jeju Island’s airport. They then bought themselves gifts with the trip money. Min-Seo then finds out Bo-Seok isn’t coming to Woong-So’s house (she invited him). She gets upset and starts walking out of the house. Ji-Hoon and Mi-Rim try to stop her, but they are unable to until Ji-Hoon promises Min-Seo to call Tae-Gu.

Tae-Gu receives a call from Ji-Hoon and Min-Seo, but he ignores them. Then Ji-Hoon texts him about his situation. Elsewhere, Do-Hoon follows Chief Oh to a karate class. His friend then texts to inform him that the children in the photo Butterfly gave him are all dead except Chief Oh and two others (Yoo-Ra and Tae-Gu).

Chae-Ri is at a nail salon getting her nails done. The nail technician also photocopies documents containing information on the new MGD members. Chae-Ri sees them and notices Tae-Gu. Later, she meets Chief Oh and tells her about when she shared a cab with Tae-Gu and how he was carrying a cello case, but it looked like it didn’t have a cello inside. Do-Hoon then comes to meet them, and Chief Oh walks away. Do-Hoon then tells Chae-Ri that two kids from the photo Butterfly gave him are alive.

At Woong-So’s house, Tae-Gu is there (it seems he accepted to go when Ji-Hoon texted him earlier). Then Tae-Gu, Ji-Hoon, Mi-Rim, and Min-Seo play games. Later, Yoo-Ra calls them, and Ji-Hoon, Mi-Rim, and Min-Seo pretend they’re on Jeju Island. Yoo-Ra asks if it’s snowing there, as the weather forecast mentioned. Ji-Hoon signals Tae-Gu to spray artificial snow on them. Min-Seo notices Tae-Gu’s finger is hurt and takes care of the wound for him.

Chief Oh gets a call updating her on details about Tae-Gu. Then, she goes to Tae-Gu’s hotel room and ransacks it. She finds a hidden phone similar to the one Wolfe had that Yoo-Ra took. Tae-Gu, who’s watching Chief Oh in his room this whole time, calls her via that very phone.

Tae-Gu mentions how impressive Chief Oh was back then and asks why she became soft. He also tells her he was the one who sent the photo with the kids at MGD and Hwacha’s address. Chief Oh asks Tae-Gu who he really is, but he doesn’t tell her.

Chief Oh remembers two of the younger kids (Yoo-Ra and Tae-Gu) at MGD saw her beating up another teenager. She also remembers how one of those two kids (Tae-Gu) seemed interested in her after seeing her beating up the other teenager. She sees the cello case Chae-Ri told her about in Tae-Gu’s room, and she opens it. She realizes it has a bomb, so she quickly closes it, just as the bomb goes off.

Later, Do-Hoon calls Mi-Rim, and he notices the Jeju Island airport banner behind her so he thinks they’re still at the airport. Then the banner falls down, and Do-Hoon realizes they didn’t go to Jeju Island after all.

Chief Oh gets a call from her senior, who’s disappointed by what happened in Tae-Gu’s hotel room. He orders Chief Oh to back off from the MGD case and informs her that the NIS will handle Butterfly.

Butterfly returns to her tattoo shop/house and finds Yoo-Ra there. Yoo-Ra shows her one of Bullet’s bullets, and she recognizes her as #27. Yoo-Ra tells Butterfly that she’ll be dying the next day, so she needs to run, but, Butterfly refuses. Butterfly then receives a text from Chief Oh informing her that things have gone south and that she should leave Korea for a while. Butterfly agrees but asks to see her daughter and granddaughter one last time.

Elsewhere, Do-Hoon is with Chae-Ri when she tells him that while she doesn’t know the whereabouts of the female kid in the photo (Yoo-Ra) who survived, she found out the male kid’s name is Tae-Gu. Chae-Ri also mentions that the MGD killer Chief Oh asked her to investigate earlier, also named Tae-Gu.

Do-Hoon goes to Woong-So’s house and finds Ji-Hoon there, confirming they didn’t go to Jeju Island. Do-Hoon then takes Min-Seo home.

The next day at the NIS headquarters, Do-Hoon asks Chief Oh why she has been so busy lately. Chief Oh tells him if he has nothing to do, he can go help Jae-Yeol as he may be having a hard time since he was shot. Do-Hoon asks Chief Oh if she has anything to tell him since they’re friends, but Chief Oh doesn’t say anything.

Later, Butterfly meets Chief Oh, who takes her to meet Kyung-Jin, her daughter, and Won-Young, her granddaughter. They go to the same location where she was when Yoo-Ra followed earlier. Chief Oh then tells Butterfly that Kyung-Jin knows the truth about what she went through because of being in MGD.

When they arrive, Butterfly tells Chief Oh that it wasn’t Bullet who killed Wolfe, but it was #27, the kid who saw her beating the other teenager when they were in MGD, that killed Wolfe.

Butterfly goes to meet her daughter and granddaughter. Meanwhile, Do-Hoon is preparing to kill her. But then, Butterfly is shot by someone else. Do-Hoon looks around and comes face to face with Yoo-Ra, who’s the one who shot Butterfly.

The Episode Review

It has now been revealed that Chief Oh was in MGD when she was young, which explains why she was so focused on the MGD case. I honestly feel bad for Yoo-Ra being forced to do MGD Union’s dirty work when all she wants is to put her past behind her and focus on caring for her family.

I’m eager and scared to see what will happen now that Do-Hoon and Yoo-Ra have most likely discovered that they’re snipers. Also, am I the only one who’s really annoyed by how Ji-Hoon and Mi-Rim are always thinking about themselves?

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