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Family: The Unbreakable Bond episode 7 begins with the kids Yoo-Ra has been having flashbacks of being driven in a pickup truck. When one of them chokes, another kid takes the sandwich and throws her out of the van. They reach their destination, and a man comes to tell them that that place is their new home.

As they enter, two kids, a boy and a girl from that group, see a teenager beating up another guy.

Back to the present, Yoo-Ra is shocked to see the mysterious man who called her via Wolfe’s private phone. He tries introducing himself to Min-Seo, but Yoo-Ra takes Min-Seo and tries to enter the elevator. Just then, Do-Hoon exits and sees the man with Yoo-Ra and Min-Seo. He begins attacking, asking him what he wants with his family.

Yoo-Ra explains to Do-Hoon that the man is her long-lost cousin. Hearing that, Do-Hoon and Min-Seo embrace and welcome him.

They get into the house, and Do-Hoon converses with this man, who we now know is named Ju Tae-Gu. Tae-Gu tells Do-Hoon that he has been residing in Thailand.

Do-Hoon mentions that he and Yoo-Ra were supposed to visit Thailand for their anniversary trip, but, Yoo-Ra ended up going alone. Do-Hoon then suggests to Yoo-Ra (who seems disturbed by Tae-Gu’s presence) that they visit Thailand for their next family trip.

Later that night, Yoo-Ra quietly goes to the room Tae-Gu is sleeping in with a pen ready to stab him. But she finds Tae-Gu is still awake. Yoo-Ra asks him to leave, but, Tae-Gu refuses. Tae-Gu tells Yoo-Ra that he has no intention to harm her, but he came to resolve things. Tae-Gu also tells Yoo-Ra that she must finish Wolfe’s job to protect her family.

Meanwhile, Chief Oh receives a call informing her that MGD Union, specifically Warrior, has purchased a set of Russian guns in Busan. She suspects Warrior may be after Butterfly or Hwacha, the other MGD Union’s original members. Chief Oh calls Chae-Ri and asks her to brief her on Hwacha, whose real name is Yoon Sang-Hoon. It turns out; Hwacha is still alive.

At Do-Hoon’s house, Tae-Gu receives a phone call and mentions that he has something else in mind for Butterfly. As he’s leaving, Woong-So, Ji-Hoon, and Mi-Rim arrive with cake and other foodstuffs to welcome him.

The next day, the family, including Tae-Gu, gathers around to eat. Everyone’s nice to Tae-Gu, which makes Yoo-Ra uncomfortable. Do-Hoon receives a call from Chae-Ri, who tells him what she found out about Wolfe and Carly Young’s tattoos. She tells him that Wolfe and Carly Young belonged to MGD, which is why they had the tattoos.

Chae-Ri also tells Do-Hoon that Carly Young was a member of the old MGD Union, and Wolfe was a member of the new MGD Union, which is why their tattoos looked different. She also tells him that the new MGD Union is trying to finish off all the old MGD Union members, which is why Wolfe killed Carly Young. Do-Hoon asks Chae-Ri if she found out who killed Wolfe, but she tells him she hasn’t.

Do-Hoon takes Min-Seo to school, and everyone else is left entertaining Tae-Gu (except Yoo-Ra). Tae-Gu tries to go, but the family doesn’t let him. Mi-Rim then mentions that she knows Tae-Gu as he dated her friend at University. Mi-Rim video calls her friend, who’s not happy to see Tae-Gu.

While they’re alone, Yoo-Ra tells Tae-Gu to play along as her cousin and leave as soon as possible. Tae-Gu tells Yoo-Ra that she hasn’t given him an answer on whether or not she will complete Wolfe’s job. Yoo-Ra asks him if he thinks she’s staying put because she’s afraid. Tae-Gu then dares Yoo-Ra to stab him in front of the family, and she doesn’t. Tae-Gu tells Yoo-Ra she hasn’t changed.

Later, the family, including Tae-Gu, gathers around to make Kimchi. Ms Park also comes and joins them. Do-Hoon is at the hospital helping Jae-Yeol get discharged from the hospital. Meanwhile, Chae-Ri, whose also at the hospital, still insists on Jae-Yeol killing that man she told him about in the last episode.

Chae-Ri joins Do-Hoon in his car, and she updates him more on Wolfe’s case. Chae-Ri suspects Bullet killed Wolfe because he is known to kill people by shooting them in their “Adam’s Apple.” This confirms Yoo-Ra was indeed a member of the old MGD and may have been trained by Bullet to be a sniper. Chae-Ri also tells Do-Hoon that Hwacha, Bullet, Butterfly, and Warrior are the remaining MGD Union’s original members that are still alive.

Back at Do-Hoon’s house, Mi-Rim asks Yoo-Ra when they’ll be having boiled pork (so typical of her). Yoo-Ra then asks Ji-Hoon and Mi-Rim to go get pork belly for the boiled pork, but Ms Park suggests they get the pig’s hind leg instead. Ji-Hoon asks Tae-Gu to accompany them to the butchery, but, Yoo-Ra refuses and offers to go with Ji-Hoon instead. But, Ji-Hoon goes with Tae-Gu anyway.

They reach the butchery, and Ji-Hoon can’t decide whether to get the pork belly or hind leg. He then tells Tae-Gu how Shin-Ae used pork belly to prepare boiled pork and expresses his anger towards Ms Park for suggesting they use the hind leg instead. Eventually, Tae-Gu decides that they should buy the poke belly. They return to Do-Hoon’s house, and Ji-Hoon leaves and asks Tae-Gu to let himself into the house.

Tae-Gu gets into the house and finds no one. He decides to continue making the Kimchi by himself. Yoo-Ra and Woong-So had taken Ms Park to a local chemist as she had accidentally cut her finger. Yoo-Ra convinces them to go Woong-So’s house to rest. She texts Mi-Rim to ask if she’s with Ji-Hoon. It seems Yoo-Ra is trying to get everyone out of the house so Tae-Gu could leave.

Later, Yoo-Ra picks up Min-Seo from school and takes her to Woong-So’s house. Min-Seo’s excited to spend time with Tae-Gu, but, Yoo-Ra tells her not to get too close to Tae-Gu. Min-Seo asks Yoo-Ra if Tae-Gu hates, and she makes up a story about how Tae-Gu isn’t as cheerful as they are. Min-Seo then asks Yoo-Ra if she hates Tae-Gu, and she assures her she doesn’t.

Yoo-Ra goes to her café and texts Tae-Gu to meet her so they can finish their talk. But, Tae-Gu ignores her. Tae-Gu also makes a phone call and orders Hwacha to be killed.

Elsewhere, Butterfly is at a park and it seems she’s watching her granddaughter from afar. Chief Oh joins and urges her to testify in Warrior’s trial when he’s caught if she wants to see and protect her daughter and granddaughter.

Later, Do-Hoon visits Butterfly at her tattoo shop/house. It turns out Butterfly is Ma Yeon-Rim, the woman Do-Hoon found out Chief Oh hired Koo In-Bo to kill. Do-Hoon asks Butterfly what her relationship is with Chief Oh, and she asks him the same question. Do-Hoon tells her that Chief Oh is his friend.

At the NIS headquarters, Chief Oh arrives at her office and checks her mail. She finds an envelope with a picture of all the kids Yoo-Ra keeps having flashbacks of, and an address that she realizes belongs to Hwacha.

Shadow, another one of the NIS agents, goes to Hwacha’s residence as instructed by Chief Oh. She finds two MGD killers who Tae-Gu probably sent. She manages to kill one and capture the other alive. Chief Oh arrives at the location, and Shadow informs her that Hwacha was already dead when he arrived there due to pneumonia.

At Yoo-Ra’s café, Yoo-Ra realizes Tae-Gu isn’t coming to meet her, so she returns home. She doesn’t find Tae-Gu in her house. Meanwhile, Chief Oh, Chae-Ri, Do-Hoon, and Jae-Yeol are out having drinks. Then, Do-Hoon brings up the issue of Carly Young and Wolfe’s tattoos. Chief Oh calls Do-Hoon aside and asks him if he’s been digging dirt on her. Do-Hoon then tells her he met Ma Yeon-Rim (Butterfly).

Chief Oh asks Do-Hoon if he told her she tried to kill her, and Do-Hoon tells her he didn’t. Do-Hoon once again assures Chief Oh that she can talk to him about anything. Chief Oh and Chae-Ri go home together. Chief Oh asks Chae-Ri if she is leaking information to Do-Hoon and warns her not to mix the information she’s giving to her with the information she’s giving to Do-Hoon.

Do-Hoon and Jae-Yeol also go home together when Butterfly texts Do-Hoon and asks him to meet her at her tattoo shop.

At Do-Hoon’s house, Yoo-Ra, who fell asleep, wakes up and calls Do-Hoon to ask where he is. Do-Hoon then tells her he asked Tae-Gu to pick Min-Seo from Woong-So’s house. Yoo-Ra had asked Do-Hoon earlier to pick Min-Seo from Woong-So’s home.

Yoo-Ra starts panicking when Tae-Gu walks in with Min-Seo. Min-Seo starts telling Yoo-Ra how much of a good time she had with Tae-Gu. Yoo-Ra then puts Min-Seo to sleep. Meanwhile, Tae-Gu is admiring a picture Min-Seo drew of him. The episode ends with Yoo-Ra trying to stab Tae-Gu.

The Episode Review

We now have put a face to the mysterious man who called Yoo-Ra via Wolfe’s private phone. Tae-Gu seems to have been with Yoo-Ra in the old MGD Union. And it seems he’s the one who’s been ordering the old MGD Union members to be killed. I wonder why he’s forcing Yoo-Ra to do his dirty work when it’s clear Yoo-Ra left that part of her life behind.

It’s clear that Tae-Gu has been longing for a family, judging by how much he has warmed up to Yoo-Ra and Do-Hoon’s family. This episode has further convinced me that Chief Oh is somehow connected to the MGD. I hope the next episode shows us whether or not she is connected to the MGD.

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