Fakes – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

She said, she said

Episode 10 of Fakes starts with the girls back at the penthouse that Tryst gave them as an office. They are trying to sneak out the equipment but they have a hard time getting the printer out and onto the elevator.

They try to get the keys to the service elevator but as the penthouse is not under their name and Tryst didn’t register it under his name, their plan is thwarted. This forces them to come up with a new plan to move their things. The girls decide that they should throw a party as a cover to relocate their equipment.

They use their friends to break the penthouse main elevators and get the keys to the service elevator. Their plan is going smoothly until Clem shows up at the party. He is starting to piece the puzzle together and confronts Zoe to tell him the truth.

Zoe is pressured and she tells Clem everything. As they talk, the police raid the party. Becca runs to hide in the toilet and gives her dad a call. She asks him to get her a lawyer and her dad asks if she is at the penthouse. Did he know Becca is making fake IDs? How did he know about the penthouse? Becca asks him but he doesn’t answer, there is no time as the police barge into the toilet and arrest her.

We are taken to a flashback a few weeks before the raid. Tryst is at the penthouse with the girls and they are ordering dinner. They are talking about the business and whether Sally is going to be able to meet the monthly quota.

After dinner, he meets Guy and gives him some fake IDs.He didn’t tell Guy about the girls and acted as if he was doing the business by himself. A few days later, he is accosted by Guy’s goon as he leaves the penthouse. Guy has just found out that Tryst lied to him and has been working with a teenage dealer named Sally. He also knows that Sally was arrested concerning the fake IDs confiscated by the cops.

Guy decides to break only one of Tryst’s fingers and pivot their business relationship by letting him put some finishing touches on a “shipment”. He is convinced as the IDs are really good, Tryst can manage to make the labeling on the brands look real. That was when Tryst confronted the girls at the penthouse and tried to kick them out.

He was about to get away with lying to Guy about who has been doing the printing until the girls showed up unannounced at the penthouse. This is what led him to completely cut out the girls from the business. In an expected turn of events, Guy owns the penthouse and has been bankrolling the girls’ expansion. He wants to know who the girls are but Tryst tries to protect them. However, Guy is insistent on meeting them in person.

This forces Tryst to take a deadly measure to protect himself and the girls from Guy. He calls 911 and says he would like to report criminal activities. This is what leads to the police raid at Zoe and Becca’s party.

At present time, Becca and Zoe are in police custody and are worried about what will happen but Zoe is positive it will be okay. The mysterious lady who was at the penthouse with Tryst shows up. She is dressed as a police officer and takes custody of the girls. She takes them to meet Guy in some dark alley in his limo

How does Fakes season 1 end?

Guy reveals he has been bankrolling their business. He wants to discuss a formal business partnership. He offers the girls 3 states of the art printers and $100,000. At the back, Tryst is tied up and his face covered, he keeps trying to get the attention of the girls.

Becca notices him but Guy tells them that Tryst was the one who called the cops. He asks them to get outside of the limo and they drag Tryst out too. Guy loads a gun and hands it over to the girls saying,“ Now, which one of you is in charge?’’

The Episode Review

I didn’t expect much in this season finale, the stakes were not raised until the last moment. The past few episodes felt dragged and the ending was a bit disappointing. It is clear that Guy wants one of the girls to take the gun and shoot Tryst but are the girls willing to go that far for the business?

Making fake IDs is illegal but murder is a whole new level of illegal with even bigger repercussions. Based on the ending, we might be getting a season 2 and we in doing so, will see the fate of Tryst. Fingers crossed on that front!

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