Fakes – Season 1 Episode 9 “Forged in Stone (or something)” Recap & Review

Forged in Stone (or something)

Episode 9 of Fakes starts with Becca and Clem breaking up. Clem is frustrated that Becca has been lying and neglecting him. They argue back and forth until Becca calls it quits and Clem leaves, hurt. Becca stays at home sulking until her grandmother calls her and invites her to hang out. It turns out to be a trap, her father wants them to hang out.

Spending time with her father gives Becca a new understanding of family, friends, and community. Later that night, she gets a text from Sally asking her to meet at Zoe’s place. Becca rushes to Zoe’s place, Sally tells them what happened at the police

Sally changed the script but what matters is the police let her off the hook. How does she have no inkling of how the police work? Becca and Zoe are not sure that the police bought Sally’s story but they still go to the office the next day.

At the office, Tryst storms in and he is angry since he found out that Sally was arrested. He wants them to leave his residence immediately. Becca is riling from the fact that Tryst wants to end their business and Zoe tries to calm her down.

Once she is calm, they apologize to each other and it seems they are back to being friends. At school, Sally’s brush with the law makes her famous and it may be getting to her head. Becca and Zoe are trying to figure out how Tryst found out about Sally and what happens next.

Becca also opens up to Zoe about what has been going on with her. They are bonding once again and they go back to the office to find Tryst with a mysterious woman. Tryst is angry at them and they want him to stop keeping things from them.

The girls are finding his behavior suspicious and are not pleased that he wants to end their business relationship. As a result, decide to cut him out of the business. Tryst is okay with this and he asks them to completely cut him out of it, he wants nothing to do with them anymore.

The girls are sure they can do it without Tryst, they think they are resourceful enough and are ready to build an empire on their own.

The Episode Review

This episode was super short and it failed to answer a few questions brought up in the last episode. I wish they would have told us more about what the police are planning. I would have loved to get more insight into Sally’s interview at the police station.

I am not surprised that Zoe didn’t tell Becca about what happened with Clem. I am sure Becca will be hurt and angry when she finds out, and they should address this matter before it becomes another reason they fight.

I am curious as to how Tryst found out about Sally and why he is so calm about not being business partners anymore. Does he know that the police will be arresting the girls soon? Will he be able to get away with it? It will be interesting to see how the girls will manage without Tryst.

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