Fakes – Season 1 Episode 6 “A cup of Ambition” Recap & Review

A Cup of Ambition

Episode 6 of Fakes begins at school with Zoe explaining how to sell fake IDs. It seems business is going well and the new hires are getting into the swing of things. Becca and Tryst are uncertain about Sally as she is a nerd but Zoe comes to her defense and they decide to keep her. Zoe is saving the money she is earning to pay for college.

On the home front, Zoe is frustrated with her brother who is showing up to dinner drunk and getting fired from his job. Her mom seems to be overlooking the fact that he might be an alcoholic.

Zoe’s support for Sally is shaken when she loses a bag of fake IDs and this sends them into a frenzy as they scramble to find the bag. Becca is worried and is on the hunt to find it before their future is ruined. In the meantime, Zoe is feeling guilty for involving Sally in the first place.

They go to every place Sally visited the day before to trace the bag. After 8 stops, they start to doubt if they will get the bag. In the middle of their hunting spree, Clem calls Zoe as he is unable to reach Becca. Zoe lies that she doesn’t know where she is.

Amid all the lying, Zoe remembers that Sally doesn’t drive and must have used a bus to get around. They find the bus but the bag was left in the lost and found items. As part of their system, the lost and found items were transferred to the local property office for public auction.

The girls’ race to the local property office to get the bag before it is auctioned. The local property office is at the police station and the girls have to give a name to sign out before picking up the bag. Zoe gives up a fake name and is startled when the police officer asks for an ID. She hands over a fake ID and luckily, the police officer doesn’t suspect it is fake. They secure the bag and manage to get safely back in their car.

Zoe is nervous that she might just have committed another crime. Her worries take a back seat once Becca opens the bag to check the IDs and only finds a note written “content seized for investigation.”

The Episode Review

It was a bad idea to hire Sally to be part of their business. I was hoping to know what happened with Guy but we didn’t see him in this episode. It is unclear if he helped Tryst bankroll the girls’ expansion plans.

With the contents in the bag seized for investigation, it is only a matter of time before the police get hold of Zoe and Becca. Will they stop the business? How will they replace the fake IDs Sally lost and are they planning to keep Sally after she messed it all up?

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