Fakes – Season 1 Episode 5 “Real G’s Move in Silence like Lasagna” Recap & Review

Real G’s Move in Silence like Lasagna

Episode 5 of Fakes begins with the girls visiting Tryst at the mall where he works. Zoe asks if they are good for later on that night and Tryst confirms that they are. It seems like they have plans and it will go down at 9 pm. 

The girls leave and Tryst remains working at the coffee shop while also selling drugs incognito. He asks one of his usual customers( Leo) to get him on a schedule to pitch something to his boss. Leo agrees to meet at around 6 pm and that he will set everything up with his bosses.

At 6 pm, Tryst heads to Leo’s office as planned and he makes his pitch to Leo and his boss. The presentation doesn’t go as he planned and Leo and his boss pass on his pitch. This was not what Tryst was hoping for and he was bummed. 

He goes home showers and leaves to do a few deliveries before meeting with Zoe and Becca. The girls do a presentation on how much earning power their business in fake IDs has. Tryst is immediately interested and is willing to work with the girls. He is only concerned that the girls keep leaving evidence behind and warns them not to be printing out documents relating to their business. 

He also invites them to a party he is hosting that night and asks them to bring their first hires so he can vet them. Zoe is hesitant to go to the party but Becca is quick to agree they will be there. At the party, he meets Bobby (one of his dealers) who offers to introduce him to an angel investor for his app. In return, he needs to hold a gun for Bobby for a few hours. At first, Tryst is unwilling to hold on to it but the offer to meet an investor for his app is too enticing so he gives in.

He goes back to the party and Zoe, Clem and Becca have finally arrived. They discuss who they should hire. They decide to hire Sophie who can keep a secret and is popular. Sally is also hired as she is the least suspicious person Zoe knows. As the police are on their way to the party, Tryst ends the party and asks everyone to vacate the premises.

He goes to meet Bobby and hands him his gun. Bobby introduces him to Guy, the investor. Guy pulls a gun on Tryst as he pitches his ideas and shoots Bobby on the leg. He is more interested in the proposal Tryst is holding. The proposal turns out to be the one Zoe and Becca gave him during their pitch meeting. He was supposed to get rid of it but he just didn’t get the time.

The next morning, Tryst meets with the girls and shows them the place he got for them to expand their business.

The Episode Review

The girls really should have thought more carefully about the risks of continuing to do business with Tryst. If Guy gets involved the stakes are raised higher than before and unlike Tryst, Guy will kill them if they mess up. He shot Bobby unprovoked, what will he do to the girls if Tryst drags them into business with him?

This episode allowed us to see what Tryst is about and some of the things that are driving his lifestyle choices. He seems much softer than before. I can’t wait to see how this business expansion will blow up in the girls’ faces!

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