Fakes – Season 1 Episode 1 “Teen Drinking is Very Bad” Recap & Review

 Teen Drinking is Very Bad 

Episode 1 of Fakes Season 1 starts with a bunch of young people drinking and dancing in a dark house. They seem to be having a great time until the police raid the place. It’s everyone for themselves as they each try to make a run for it. This is when we are introduced to Zoe – she didn’t manage to escape. She is taken into custody thus begins the story of how she and her best friends accidentally built and lost one of the largest fake IDs empires in North America when they were just 18 years old.

In a time jump, we go back to the time before all hell broke loose. Zoe comes home from the library to find her brother Jason. Jason leaves in a hurry and Rebecca (one of her best friends) calls to ask her for a ride.  

Zoe heads out to pick up Rebecca who is drunk and keeps vomiting.  As they drive, Rebecca finds a fake ID in the car’s cup holder. She is looking to replace her fake ID and wants to know who Zoe’s  “guy “ is so he can make her one as well. Zoe explains she made the Fake student ID so she can study at the library.

Rebecca asks her if she can make her a fake ID and Zoe turns her down as she doesn’t think that is a good idea. Rebecca still gives her money and insists on Zoe making one for her.

After Zoe puts Rebecca to bed, she gets curious so she googles a few things about making a fake ID and makes a prototype for Rebecca. The next day at school she shows it to Rebecca who is excited and wants to learn how to make a fake ID. Zoe tells her everything she learned on Google the previous night. After school, they agree to meet at Rebecca’s place to print a few fake IDs. Unfortunately, the printer is broken so they go out shopping instead.

During the shopping spree, they meet Tryst who works as a shop attendant and is an acquaintance of Rebecca. Rebecca shows him a fake ID they made for him and asks him if he is interested in working with them. Tryst asks if they have tested out the fake IDs. This leads the girls to try and buy alcohol but they fail their mission after the IDs are confiscated. They ran before the store manager could report them.

The next day at school, a fellow student named Ken approaches Zoe and asks her if she can make him fake IDs for a party he is planning. This leads to Zoe having a panic attack in the toilet as it dawns on her that her illegal activity is getting out of hand. After calming down, Rebecca and her boyfriend Clem suggest they skip class. 

The episode ends with Zoe in the present time in prison rocking an orange jumpsuit while Rebecca is on a vacation.

The Episode Review

This being the first episode, we are just getting to meet the characters and they each seem to have a lot going on in their lives. The first time we meet Zoe she is being arrested and she comes off as someone with a strong personality but in the time jump, she is timid, introverted, and hesitant.

I am curious to see the events that led to these changes in her personality. What made her decide to do this and how did they manage to create the largest Fake ID empire in North America? 

Also, why is she the only one in jail? This episode is based on Zoe’s point of view so is the lying as she narrates the series of events that went down. According to her, it was all Rebecca’s idea. At the end of the episode, it seems like Rebecca doesn’t remember it as such. Who do you think is telling the truth?

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