Fakes – Season 1 Episode 2 “…Yo I Got a Fake I.D. Though” Recap & Review

…Yo I Got a Fake I.D. Though

Episode 2 of Fakes starts with Becca telling us the tale from her perspective. As you know, there are always two sides to the story. She narrates the story of when the police raided the party. She ran to hide in the toilet and called her dad to get her a lawyer before she was taken into custody.

In the flashback, we can see that Becca is having issues with her dad. Her dad is focused on work and her mom is not living with them. This frustrates her and that was the reason she went to a party and got drunk. She then calls Zoe to pick her up and on the ride home they talk about Becca’s ID being confiscated and Zoe offers to make her one if she is willing to pay.

The next day at school, Zoe gives Becca a fake ID she made overnight. Becca is impressed and Zoe says it was not that hard and she could probably make more for other people. Zoe thinks that they can make good money. Becca is taken aback by this and reminds her that it is illegal but she is game. She just wants to make sure Zoe knows what she is getting herself into. The last time she broke their home printer so they have to use the printers at school which complicates the situation.

They head over to the mall for a shopping spree where they meet Tryst and invite him to join their new business. He is good with the plan as long as the IDs are scannable like the real ones,, he is willing to move at least 200. Becca and Zoe head to the liquor store to test the IDs but they get busted and have to run before the store owner calls the police on them.

After making a run for it, they go to the park and Zoe asks if Becca has thought about their future after they graduate high school. Becca is not happy with the discussion and quickly changes the topic to Zoe. She suggests that maybe Zoe should loosen up a bit as she is always studying. It is clear that Zoe and Becca live in two different worlds because Zoe has to work hard to create a future for herself and Becca can rely on her dad to get her into college. This leads to them having a small quarrel.

The next day, Zoe has a panic attack at school and Becca helps her calm down. They makeup and Zoe says she no longer wants to do the fake ID business anymore. Becca agrees that it was fun but probably not for them. Later that day, they run into Tryst who is wondering when the IDs will be delivered and they tell him that they are putting the business on hold. Tryst is not happy to hear this and informs them that he did as they had asked and got buyers for the IDs. Unless they have $30,000 on them, they better get the orders ready by next week. The episode ends with Zoe having another panic attack when Becca just stares idly into space.

The Episode Review

This episode had some good comedic moments and Becca’s narration is on point. Becca is adamant in her side of the story that it was not her idea to start the fake ID empire. It seems like they are all playing a game of she said, I said. I don’t think it matters who started it, at the end of the day they are both compliant. 

Tryst’s arrival on the scene spiced up the drama and I can’t wait to see what will happen to the girls in the next episode. Will they be able to make the fake IDs in time? What will happen if they fail?

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